Anne Hathaway marries Adam Shulman and celebrates with vegan menu
by Allyson Koerner
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Yesterday, Anne Hathaway officially became a “Mrs.” She, and now husband Adam Shulman, exchanged vows in front of more than 150 guests on the California coast, PEOPLE reports.

The traditional Jewish ceremony took place at a private estate, where more than $100,000 in flowers served as decorations. The “Les Miserables” star donned a Valentino gown, and kept it simple with no jewelry and a 1920s headband/veil.

As we recently speculated, the reception included an all-vegan menu similar to the one at Hathaway’s engagement party. Such plant-based goodies included at the previous affair were veggie burgers, cupcakes and truffle macaroni and cheese.

Natalie Portman’s wedding planner, Yifat Oren, and event professional Stefanie Cove helped in creating what seems like the perfect weekend.

After about four years of dating, Shulman and Hathaway are now living out their happily ever after.

Best wishes to the happy couple!

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  • EcoAdvocate

    Sounds great! This is awesome that she was willing to allow all of her guests to experience environmentally and health- friendly way of eating: a plant based diet (realistically, not a ‘whole-food plant-based’ meal, but hey–it’s a wedding).

    • EcoAdvocate

      If you would like more information on the science behing following a whole-food plant-based diet, eCornell, a subsidiary of Cornell University, offers a course in it. I’d put the link, but I don’t work for them/don’t want to spam.

  • Diana

    Everyone could benefit from eating a meal that didn’t have a mother or a face. :)

  • blahburger

    Veggie burgers? Really? So many real vegan meals to choose from… That just feels like it lacks creativity, and it isn’t like the budget was lacking. Strange.

  • Judith

    My wedding. My menu. Love it or lump it.

  • Elena

    and contribute to innocent animals suffering for your food?? I am not a vegan but a vegeterian and have had my kid’s party with eggplant parm, pasta and cheese and none of my family and friends complained! :) If they did it was not with me and they had a “cruelty free” meal except for the eggs…

    • Ursula2007

      Sorry, Elena, but there is nothing cruelty-free about dairy products. Please look into the appalling conditions and inevitable death that is part of EVERY dairy farm, and as a mother, I’m sure you will sympathize with the cows. Go vegan! It’s SO worth it! Best wishes.

    • Pete Morley

      Except for the cheese too. And of course, parmesan isn’t vegetarian.

    • facebook-520156274

      Parmesan cheese not even vegetarian. its made with dead cows stomachs.

  • facebook-520156274

    <3 vegan lesbians FTW

  • facebook-520156274

    STFU, Ms is for lesbians. Mrs is for women who get married and want the cock. Not that difficult,

  • Guest

    since when was your wedding day about your guests. they have come for your day. I don’t kill or rape kids, so I wouldn’t think, ah maybe some of my guests might like a couple of lamp shades made out of jewish children. think about it, retard…

  • Gina Mai Denn

    Just a suggestion, please date stamp your timely stories. This one says “yesterday” but I have no idea when it was published. Thanks!

  • Avey Owyns

    If eating an animal keeps you from sleeping at night, then you have a psychological problem – not us. Lions certainly don’t loose any sleep over eating people.

    • Anupam Katkar

      You eat a corpse killed by someone else. That makes you more like a vulture than a lion. Lions hunt free animals and risk their lives every time they do so. Do you have the strength and courage of a predator? Do you have the balls to chase, separate from the herd, grab, and kill an animal with your own hands, and then eat it raw – flesh and gut and liver, all without spicing or cooking? Be honest and don’t overestimate yourself when you answer that.

      • Avey Owyns

        “That makes you more like a vulture than a lion…”

        Then so be it! The moral philosophy of veganism encompasses the idea that humans are equal to animals, whether it be a lion or vulture.

  • mason daniel

    Annie, Annie, Annie – those tits! A bit much for a married women?

  • NO

    This is such a crock of shit. Where do you people come from?