ducks rescued woodstock sanctuary
by Michael dEstries
Categories: Animals, Causes.

In what’s an uplifting way to start the week, check out this recently uploaded video of two dozen ducks experiencing their first contact with water.

According to the video, uploaded by the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, the ducks came from a hoarding case and had never spent any time in the water.

“Many were suffering from ailments caused specifically by their filthy living conditions,” the org stated in a blog post. “They lived in small sheds and animal carriers, overcrowded, living among layers of caked feces, and breathing in dust and the stench of ammonia.  Due to inadequate housing, several of the birds did not have access to proper shelter and have lost toes and combs to frostbite.  Inside her trailer we found another 25 birds running around freely and over 20 living in an enclosed back porch. The indoor quarters were worse than the outdoors. All the birds show signs of nutritional deficiencies.”

Nice work, Woodstock Sanctuary! Check out the video of the (initially reluctant) ducks and their first taste of the wet stuff.

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  • Sian

    how lovely for the ducks, once in they really seemed to be enjoying it, well done Woodstock Sanctuary :-D

  • Tim Beer

    Shame the Do-Gooders had to chase them and stress them out, been better to just leave them alone. :(

  • truthon

    how delightful

  • ashabot

    I love that Woodstock rescued these great little guys but too bad they forced them into the water and why? For the sake of a video? For their own personal satisfaction? The ducks would have found it on their own, without the trauma, and it would have been truly and actually wonderful all around.

  • Sandra Brodie Carr

    This warms my heart!

  • Dominique

    I understand where many of you are coming from, however, this was an act of love not abuse or mistreatment. They simply wanted to ensure that the ducks found their way into the water. It wasn’t for personal satisfaction nor for youtube ratings. The ducks would’ve probably stayed away from the water for a very long time before they would go in because it’s new to them.