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dogs against romney on facebookdogs against romney on facebook

Dogs Against Romney Facebook Group Nears 100,000 Members

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When Mitt Romney takes the stage tonight in his first live debate with President Obama, nearly 100,000 dog lovers on Facebook will be rooting against him.

The Republican nominee for President caused outrage in the animal world after it was revealed that decades earlier he had placed the family dog Seamus in a carrier strapped to the roof of his car while heading on a trip from Boston to Ontario.

In response, Scott Crider started the website “Dogs Against Romney” in 2007 to protest what he and others perceive as someone with very little empathy towards animals.

“Anyone who helps take down Mitt Romney in any way is a friend of ours,” Crider said in an interview with Current. “Michael Vick apologized and paid his debt to society, and Mitt Romney’s done neither of those.”

As a testament to its growing influence and popularity, the group’s official Facebook page is quickly approaching a eye-popping 100,000 followers. It has also spawned popular bumper stickers (“I Ride Inside”, “Mitt is Mean”, “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro!” – and even a mobile video game featuring Seamus attempting to exact revenge on his owner’s roof gaffe.

“Over 96,000 members of our “Super Pack” on Facebook and most of the 1 million+ readers of this blog believe it was animal abuse,” the site says. “It isn’t just us who feel this way. A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling showed 68% of Americans think what Romney did is inhumane.

To show your support for the group, hit the Facebook site here.


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  • There’s also an online game about Romney’s dog. Just google “seamus the dog game” You play as Mitt’s dog on top of his car. It works on PCs or mobile phones.

  • Veranda Lattice

    Horses against Obama! Obama signed the bill to reopen horse slaughter.

  • Michele Vernet

    Crider, Michael Vick has “NOT” “PAID HIS DEBT TO SOCIETY”! Oh! he apologized!! What a crock of crap!!! So, that’s all it takes? you murder and apologize for it later? This article is biased as $#$%! Did Mitt’s dog suffer any for being strapped on top of the car? That’s a hell of a lot more than some of the cretins who just let their dogs loose to hold on for dear life, in the back of their trucks without any restraints whatsoever. And, yes, Mitt’s dog probably enjoyed the hell out of the ride. But did anyone ask the dog? Enough of this Demagog democrap “what-else-can-we-crucify-Romney-for?” Oh yeah, how about when he strapped…..blah….blah….blah b.s.!!! I used to be a staunch democrat and now I absolutely abhor the name for what it represents! Bigotted, small-minded-uninformed-delusional masses! Why don’t you all let the damn Hollywood celebrities rule the nation? That’s what you all deserve and the rest of us will gladly let you have it all while they rapsodize glorious songs of the downtrodden of America and eat caviar in their iron-gated communities! Idiots!!!!!!!!!

    • You dumb b…h, I talked to the dogs friends, they said you are full of it….kissey….kissey…to Mitt

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