Olivia Munn urges end to Groupon circus deals
by Michael dEstries
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Olivia Munn is throwing pressure on coupon site Groupon in an effort to get the company to drop deals on circus tickets.

The “Newsroom” actress recently sent a letter to the site on behalf of PETA decrying the discounts and urging action.

She writes, “I was disappointed to learn from PETA that Groupon is promoting deals with circuses that abuse animals and violate the federal Animal Welfare Act. I was even more disappointed to find out that Groupon was made aware of the egregious crimes of specific circuses yet has chosen to continue promoting them anyway.

“I hope you can see that whether you’re an animal lover or not, there isn’t a good argument for supporting those who mistreat animals. Elephants, tigers, and other animals who are owned or rented and used by these circuses are robbed of everything that is natural and important to them…

“Most of the circuses that Groupon has promoted have been cited for violations numerous times, including in the last two years – so promoting them violates Groupon’s own policy. Earlier this year, an elephant handler travelling with one of the circuses that Groupon often promotes was arrested on multiple counts of cruelty to animals.

“Please do the right thing and give animals the ‘deal of the day’ by permanently severing your ties with circuses that use animals. Until you take this action, I will refuse to purchase deals from Groupon and urge all my fans, friends, and family members to do the same.”

The 32-year-old has been extremely active over the years to raise awareness on animal rights; in particular the cruelty of circuses that feature live animals.

“When you look at something like the circus and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s music and everything seems so great,” says Munn, who posed nude for an anti-circus billboard in 2010. “But when you go right behind that door and they’re in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball … it was just so sickening.”

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