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by Ali Berman
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Some of the biggest names in Hollywood came out for the Environmental Media Association awards, a special kind of ceremony that gives out prizes to those working in film, television, music and entertainment who are helping to build a healthier planet.

Some notable winners of the night included Jessica Alba who grabbed the EMA Green Parent Award, Ian Somerhalder who won the EMA Futures Award and “The Lorax” which took home Best Feature Film.

Ken Spector from had the fortune of interviewing some of the famous greenies. Jessica Alba, a big winner of the night, said about her upcoming book on green living, “It’s just a very simple lifestyle book that covers everything from DIY’s to putting an eco green household together to organic recipe ideas, and trying to eliminate as much toxic chemicals in your home as possible.” Besides for her career as an actress, Alba and her business partner Christopher Gavigan have been running The Honest Company, a green business that sells eco-friendly non-toxic products for the household, personal care and for babies.

Alba’s business partner Christopher Gavigan happens to be married to Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw. Capshaw told Spector that in their house pretty much everything is green. From recycling to composting to driving an electric and hybrid car, they do it all. She also emphasized how proud she is of the success of The Honest Company and how important it is to keep toxins out of the products we use on children. She said about the motives behind the company, “That was their dilemma. Which was why is this so hard. Why do I need a graduate level degree in chemistry to understand what it is that’s going into the shampoo that’s going to my three-month old?”

Other celebs in attendance included Danny Devito, Amy Smart, Carter Oosterhouse, James Van Der Beek, and countless others from shows like “Revenge”, “Modern Family”, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Shameless”.

Spector also got a chance to chat to Lance Bass who told us about his role on the young hollywood board of the EMAs and how he’s learning the value of eating his vegetables. While he’s not vegan yet, the singer admits to moving in that direction and consuming way less meat and more veggies. And it was all inspired by his work gardening with kids in schools.

Check out the interview with Bass!

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