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Uh oh . . . this might get animal activists in a tizzy. Supposedly, NFL football player Michael Vick now owns a dog.

Speculation first arose from a Twitter photo posted by Vick. The image shows Vick and his daughter working at table with a box of Milk Bone dog biscuits nearby. However, the image was removed and replaced with another similar one without the dog biscuits.

Hmm . . . that seems fishy. Is Vick fearful of others learning about his canine? This seems plausible, especially after receiving backlash from his dog fighting days.

If you don’t recall, Vick was convicted on federal felony charges and served 18 months in prison for his Bad Newz Kennels – a place where dogs were forced to fight one another for sport. Vick was placed on probation, which restricted him from ever owning a dog again, but these terms were dropped when his probation ended.

He has also expressed interest in getting a dog, especially for his children. As he told Piers Morgan, “I can’t take that dream away from them. That’s selfish on my behalf. You know, so, gotta find a way to make it right and, you know, I put everything in God’s hands to make it right.”

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has been working hard to clean his name. For example, recently he spoke out against animal cruelty for the Humane Society of the United States.

Do you think he’s earned the right to own a pooch?

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  • Karina Usach

    WTF?! How dare this man be allowed to have any living creatures?! I don’t understand how his children haven’t been taken away from him yet?

    • Teamteresag

      Who the hell are you to talk about taking someone’s children away? Nasty hussy! Stay away from people’s kids!

      • Karina Usach

        Excuse me?! Who are you calling names?! And FYI, people who abuse animals are MUCH more likely to abuse humans as well, including their own children; thats why I commented on his kids. Trust me, I’d like to stay as far away as possible from people’s kids and from people like you.

  • No Kill New York

    The fact that Michael Vick removed and altered the picture, to crop out the dog biscuits, proves that he hasn’t changed his ways at all. He is still untrustworthy and still hiding. Plus, he has never shown any remorse for what he did to the dogs that he abused and exploited. No, Michael Vick should not live with a dog, not now and possibly not ever.

  • Gail F

    Vick’s dog will probably be safe at least for awhile; he knows that the world, and some football fans, are watching him. Still, my instinct is not to let him near any dogs; unfortunately he is now legally allowed to own one. I’m sorry for his youngsters; as the children of someone who tortured and killed animals, they’ll be getting mixed signals as they grow up.