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by Michael dEstries
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Much to the delight of anyone that enjoys awkward interviews, rocker and animal rights activist Morrissey appeared on “The Colbert Report” last night.

After Stephen opened by declaring the 53-year-old Morrissey a legend – a title he quickly rebuked – things quickly dissolved from there; with hilarious reactions on everything from a reunion The Smiths, to the British Royal Family, and of course, animal rights.

Colbert revealed that Morrissey insisted that the entire studio be free of animal products (forcing his staff to go vegetarian for the day); which is consistent with past requests by the rocker. In response, Colbert responded that he might be a bit woozy from bacon withdrawal. Naturally, Morrissey wasn’t amused. Colbert also got philosophical, pointing out that Morrissey’s song “meat is murder” makes him believe that “murder is delicious.”

“Animals are much nicer than humans,” Morrissey declared, with Colbert countering, “I know a lamb that’s a f**king asshole,” and later asking if he could eat a pig who’d “committed suicide after listening to too many of your records.”

Of course, this is classic Colbert – we’re just not necessarily sure if Morrissey was in on the joke. Remember, Stephen loves animals. Who could forget his phenomenal takedown of Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King for his comments on dogfighting?

Check out the interview with Morrissey below.

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  • frannie

    How come i can’t watch it outside of the US??

  • Hello

    There are more important things in life than your right to do whatever you want. If I see you hitting a child, I will try to stop you. If I see you giving money to the meat industry, I will try to stop you. It’s my moral duty. You have moral duties too, try to follow them sometimes.

    • guest

      How will you stop me from giving money to the meat industry??

    • Hello

      If you believe eating meat is the same as child abuse then YOU have problems!