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by Ali Berman
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Kaley Cuoco had no idea her tweets about Kelly Ripa’s remarks calling pit bulls dangerous would spread so fast. Pit Bull lovers from all over came out to reprimand Ripa for her unfortunate comments. Cuoco shares their feelings, but wants everyone to know that she isn’t at war with the host.

Cuoco tweeted, “Ok I’m NOT in a war w @KellyRipa.We are friends for years and I adore her! just have a severe luv 4 my global pitbull fam and owners! :)”

For anyone who missed it, Ripa said on her show, “But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?”

Friend of Kaley Cuoco and reoccurring guest star on “The Big Bang Theory” Wil Wheaton, also a Pit Bull guardian, may not be at war with Ripa either, but he does want her to know that her comments about the breed and their human families are far from the truth.

He wrote in a series of tweets:




After that, Wheaton tweeted about some rescue dogs available at Pasadena Humane. It’s nice to see the star speaking out for companion animals to his over two million followers.

Maybe Ripa will finally take notice of the hundreds (if not thousands) of tweets that have been sent her way over the last few days and apologize on her program. Pit Bull guardians have proven they will stand up for their dogs. Maybe Ripa will stand up with them. And if not, they’ve still got Kaley and Wil on their side.

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  • PokerRay

    I’m very disappointed in you.
    Mitt Romney – I like coal
    Kelly Ripa – I don’t like Pitbulls
    Now tell me, which should we be occupying our time with?

    • Beth

      I’m smart enough to care about both.

      • Sandra DeClue


    • Sandra DeClue

      Both…I can actually do more than one thing at a time…Duh! I agree with the 1st statement and disagree with the last…I can do that ya know…

  • Sandra DeClue

    The comment will hurt the already discriminated against breed. So much hype in the media is pure myth….All Dog Breeds can be dangerous and should be judged individually.

  • Julie L Sanders

    Working as an Animal Control Officer…I have seen all breeds and honestly Pit Bulls are the least of our worries. Don’t DEEM THE BREED. All dogs can be so called “dangerous” if they are not treated properly. We have some wonderful and very adoptable Pit Bulls at our organization. Everyone can have an opinion but unless you have owned or have had the pleasure of being around some amazing dogs regardless of their breed…..don’t assume!!!!