Ian Somerhalder wants all Americans to vote in this year's election to benefit the planet
by Allyson Koerner
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In between filming for “The Vampire Diaries” and his many environmental projects, Ian Somerhalder managed to pen an article for The Daily Beast about the importance of voting in this year’s election.

We, as Americans, are lucky enough to have a voice and the right to vote, so why not exercise it? Somerhalder strongly believes this and feels that by voting we can benefit the environment.

With so much information floating around out there and deciphering between what’s true and false, it can be hard to figure out which candidate deserves our vote. As Somerhalder says, “There’s information flying at us from every angle now, and it’s getting harder and harder to separate reality from rhetoric.”

Somerhalder writes, “In the first three months of this year alone, 81 percent of the attack ads against President Obama were on energy and environment issues. And you can guess which (fossil fuel) companies paid for those. Analysts expect the total dollars spent in this election will surpass a record $7 billion—yes, with a “b”—before all is said and done.”

He continues, “misinformation, and the organizations spending that cash are aiming to roll back clean energy solutions like vehicle fuel efficiency standards, pollution controls on power plants, and wind and solar innovation. It seems these polluters will do, say, and spend anything to keep their grip on the American economy.”

But, he doesn’t believe that should hold back voters. He writes, “No matter how much money they spend, there are millions more of us who are motivated to protect our planet and our air and water, while creating a thriving economy with new American jobs and building a healthy and safe future for our kids.”

After all, the United States is a leader in reducing carbon emissions and clean energy solutions.

Somerhalder urges Americans to not back down, but let their voices be heard. “. . . this is no time to allow deep-pocketed special interest groups and the politicians beholden to them to reverse course and knock clean energy out of our reach.”

The actor says it best. “We need to do our homework to find out which candidates will stand up for our environment and protect us from pollution—and which ones won’t.”

Take his advice and educate yourself by checking out this helpful voter guide from the Sierra Club. And see the full Somerhalder article here.

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    yep, and if dumney has his way will continue to spend millions on military craziness. we don’t need wars to make a profit. I wish they would understand that one simple fact. WE NEED LOVE. COMPETE, IN talent, and knowledge, Not by fighting.