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pit bulls poisonedpit bulls poisoned

Awful: Pit Bull Puppies Poisoned During Pit Bull Awareness Event

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A public event in Pennsylvania aimed at educating on pit bulls and removing the stigma associated with the breed took a turn for the unfortunate last weekend.

According to organizers, someone poisoned five pit bull puppies. Two died and three others are currently recovering. An autopsy later confirmed suspicions. “The puppies evidently were an easy target,” Renae Metz, one of the founders of the animal charity A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue said in an interview. “We aren’t going to turn people down when they offer to put water in their pen, we never imagined that someone would be this malicious.”

While I question why the organizers weren’t providing water to the puppies personally, it stands to reason that the last thing you would expect would be someone to poison puppies. According to a vet, while no food was found in the puppies’ stomachs, their livers were bleeding – which indicated poisoning by water.

“They were 8 weeks old, they were at the vet Thursday and all were completely healthy,” Metz said. “We were closely monitoring the puppies. We never thought that someone would be hateful enough to poison the puppies, we never thought that could happen.”

In response, the organization will no longer bring puppies to future events. “We want to press on and save as many dogs as we can,” Metz said. “This just turned us on to the fact that so many people are hateful and we just need to keep spreading the word that these are not bad dogs at all.”

To help support the organization and their mission, visit the official site here.

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    • Hal Halloway

      Yeah, humble until it rips the face off of the 5 year old down the road.


    It is a crying shame what happenened to those beautiful puppies and I hope & pray that the culprit could be caught!!! I hope someone puts something in their water and lets see how they digest that!!!

  • Donna

    Regardless of the fact that they are pits, then puppies did not deserve to be treated as such. I too have a pit and she is one of the best pets I have ever had. She protects my home like nothing and once she makes a friend with you, you are her friend forever. I will always say they are very protective of their terrority no matter where they are. I miss people would stop giving them a bad name.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001312069054 Gail Smith

    what is wrong with people!! If you don’t like pit bulls then why go to the evert?!?! I hope whoever did this is caught and repromanded IN SOME WAY. Praying the other puppies make it threw this terrible ordeal. Sometimes I just hate people.

  • bntwht

    Breaks my heart! We’ve had 3 pit bull mix dogs that we rescued and thery’re all so sweet. I wasn’t so sure when we rescued the first one,actually I was kind of scared,but that’s the one my( adult) son wanted.He turned out to be a wonderful dog.He had such a great personality,when he died we received cards and phone calls from all our friends.He made friends with a lot of people who were prejudiced towards his breed and changed their minds about pit bulls. No dog should be left alone with a small child or put in a defensive position. Some people will just never understand or believe so save your breath,but those poor babies deserved a chance to prove what great dogs they could be.

  • CK <3s pit bulls

    I rescued an approx. 1 year old pit bull from an intersection by my house. He had obviously been mistreated and side swiped by a car as he had a broken femur in 2 places (turns out it was like that for 2 weeks!). I was afraid because of what I had heard about pits – when I walked up to him, despite being injured, he sniffed my hand. When I opened my door he tried to jump in my car. He let me pick him up and put him in and has been a part of my extended family for over a year now. He weighs about 75 lbs, all muscle, can seem scary when it comes to neighborhood dogs, but listens VERY well. His best friend is my 5 lb chi-weenie and they love each other more than I thought two dogs could. My best friend adopted him from me (I couldn’t afford the femur surgery) but he still stays with me a couple days every week while my friend works. I never liked boy dogs or pits but this sweet, loving, adorable dog has changed my mind and is a huge part of my heart. ANY dog can be vicious if you raise it so or if you mistreat it. Just because it is a pit doesn’t mean anything. I love this dog and the only thing you are in danger of is being licked to death or kicked in the gonads (he is FULL of energy). This story breaks my heart. The person who did that should have their own water poisoned. It is a sick, sick person that hurts an innocent little animal.

    • Coygirl12

      So kind of you to rescue this poor guy & give him a loving home! Bless your heart!

    • http://twitter.com/solitatem Toy Suttinun

      You’ve shown so much grace by welcoming this injured pit into your home. Thank you and I hope that he showers you with love and loyalty!

  • Kizzies Mom

    someone needs to come forth… security cameras? People taking pictures of the puppies may have caught the monsters on their camera….. I hope they find them and they’re punished… harshly….

  • Janet King

    Anyone out there in society that gives the human race credit for any honor, kindness, loyalty, or caring for their fellow humans or animals better wake up and see the human race for what it really is, spiteful, destructive, greedy, wicked, cruel,and no regard for anyone or thing other than themselves, selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but above all they are ignorant, but think they re so intelligent

    • guest

      You must be describing yourself because I know of MANY people who go out of their way daily to help other people and animal!

  • hyeacheeg

    NEVER underestimate evil people & their horrific actions! Pit Bull types are a terrific breed & such “human” monsters who harm any voiceless creature shud be removed from society 4ever!! RIP to the MURDERED pups & PRAYERS for full recovery to the other pups…Godspeed

  • Debbie Ortiz

    All I can say is when I visit my sister I get “attacked” by her Pit Bull every time !!!! With nothing but KISSES!! When ever I sit on the coach he climbs up on my lap like a baby (he loves to cuddle) and showers me with kisses,he is a Big Baby, loving, devoted dog returning love that is given to him… the end…

  • Mauigirl

    Absolutely despicable.

  • LeVarBurton

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. People are so STUPID.

    • Hal Halloway

      Yes, dog owners are.

  • Caro_lyn

    I have dealt with dogs all my life, both with the humane society, as a foster and a rescue. With all the different dogs I have encountered, there is one breed that never failed to attack and bite me – any time I got within arm’s reach of one, I was sure to get air conditioned – Chihuahuas. I was also bitten once by a Cocker. I was Never bitten by pitts, dobies, shepherds or Rottis, and I dealt with a lot of them. I have never had to deal with fighting dogs though, which might make a difference, but the rest were all super sweet dogs. We answered a distress call one day for a couple who had pitts and their pups were sick and dieing. I had misgivings about these pitts, because of who their owner was. We arrived at the door, and the male, who stood taller than I do when he went up on his hind legs, came bounding out, front paws on my shoulders and washed my face (not that it needed it). We went in and checked out the female who still had 8 live puppies in her crate. I let her smell my hand, talked gently to her, and she allowed me to pick up her puppies and check them out, without so much as a flick of an ear. These are not vicious dogs, unless they are trained to be. The hate walk should be directed against the idiot owners who mistreat these beautiful animals and teach them to be vicious.

  • jen

    I’d always been kind of scared of Pit Bulls. The only “interaction” (if you can even call it that) was seeing dozens of them in their cages at the local pound. (I went there looking to adopt a dog and was disappointed when nearly every one of them was a Pit/mix.)

    BUT, when fostering for a local rescue about a year later, I agreed to take in an Am Staff mix. I didn’t realize that they’re another bully breed like APBTs. I was so scared when I picked him up from the shelter. He had piercing eyes and had his face right next to my head the whole drive home.

    He turned out to be one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever fostered (even two years later), and made me fall in love with bully breed dogs. I’ve fostered several Pitties since and regularly go to the same [kill] shelter just to take Pitties out for a walk.

    I absolutely love APBTs, Am Staffs, and other bully breeds and will always be an advocate against BSL. I also just adopted my very own Pitty mix dog from another shelter.

  • Yeah

    Hahahaha Die you stupid Dogs

  • Hal Halloway

    Thank God some unknown hero took a stand!

  • @SarcasticSloth

    Yeah no, whoever did that was doing the right thing.

    Shame on you people for trying to make killer animals into a pet.


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