Lady Gaga launching new healthy water bottle brand
by Allyson Koerner
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It looks like Lady Gaga is getting her hands wet by launching a new line of bottled water. Yes, you read that correctly.

It seems the music superstar is creating her own “healthy drinking water brand,” the NY Daily News reports. Healthy for who? Definitely not the environment.

Gaga has recently been making headlines for her weight gain, which reportedly was a publicity stunt to promote her new business venture.

“Gaga has been at the center of a lot of attention over her weight increase,” a source told the NY Daily News. “Losing her weight in such a short time and launching a healthy water drink may be part of a plan.”

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Lady Gaga’s creative team, Haus of Gaga, are finishing up the product as we speak and details are being kept tightly under wraps, Hollywood correspondent James Desborough says.

Reportedly, for months now the water bottle line has been in conception. The singer has quite the fan base, so she’ll probably make good money off of it. Of course, people could just get water out of their own taps instead of paying for plastic bottles and for water to be shipped all across the country…

Maybe she is taking after 50 Cent? The rapper invested in VitaminWater and even crafted a grape flavor called Formula 50. In 2007, it was estimated that he earned $100 million.

Will you purchase Lady Gaga’s water? We sure don’t plan on it.

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  • ecorazzi

    Many thanks to Lady Gaga for protecting us from “unhealthy water.” Jeesh.

  • Distriktus

    The fur queen wants us to buy things we don’t need. No thanks.

  • Tomasci

    Anybody who believes this rubbish from the press has to be dumb.

  • Judas

    The fur was fake and this is just a rumour. Get over it.