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by Ali Berman
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Political funnyman Bill Maher has a new rule for scientists. Since humankind doesn’t seem to be that worried about climate change, they need to start packaging it differently by talking about something that humans actually care about. Bacon.

He says that instead of using big scientific words, “They have to explain that it caused a super drought which killed the corn which was used to feed the hogs which is causing a bacon shortage. And if you can’t make Americans care about something by explaining it in terms of bacon, give up.”

Maher’s commentary on the things people actually care about effectively points out that the concerns of most people barely go beyond their own stomachs. Climate change, while arguably the biggest threat of our time, isn’t really more than a vague concern for most. In fact, if you watched the presidential debates, you might have noticed it wasn’t even mentioned by the moderators or the candidates. It was the first time since the 80’s that it didn’t come up as topic to be discussed by the future leader of the USA.

If we had a magic wand, we’d have Americans quit eating bacon altogether and instead focus their attention on the rapidly warming planet.

Watch Maher’s new rule below.

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  • Alison Foxall

    People are just not awake yet. It will take a while for Americans especially to get there. They are too concerned about what is going on in their little world to bother looking at the big picture. Maher is great. I love how he keeps pushing the issue of GMO’s, climate change, etc to the table and brining awareness. I wish more comedians and celebs would!