by Ali Berman
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Photo: Gary Burchik

Had enough bad news after Sandy? How about an animal rescue story to cheer you up?

On Tuesday afternoon as Montrose, NY residents emerged from their houses to check out the damage to their community, they noticed a single swan sitting in the middle of the street. Hardly usual behavior for a swan.

People gathered around wondering if the large bird was injured, lost or just exhausted from the high winds the previous day. Thankfully, a rescue truck appeared down the street and one resident ran over to them to ask them what could be done about the bird. The emergency workers called animal rescue who then showed up in 10 minutes.

Realtor Gary Burchik told us about the rescue, “Their main concern was it was at the end of our cul-de-sac and couldn’t fly over the tops of houses or fences to get back to the park behind the houses.”

Using two big white sheets, animal rescue workers guided the swan back towards the George’s Island Park boat launch. After a detour into a neighbor’s yard and then thwarted again by a fallen tree, the group of rescuers, concerned citizens and the bird all made it to the park.

They did not force the swan back into the water as it seemed to be working hard to dry itself, but it was obviously left in a more suitable habitat than in the middle of modern day suburbia.

We’re glad the swan got back to where it belonged. And we thank Julie, Gary, the rescue workers and other residents for helping this swan find its way home.

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