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by Ali Berman
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Animal rights activists weren’t the only ones upset by the scenes of captive killer whales in the new film “Rust and Bone.” Actress Marion Cotillard has declared that she will never again visit Sea World because of her experiences on set.

Cotillard said, “I’d rather see whales in their own environment and not in a swimming pool. I will never go back to a Sea World.”

She continues, “I really feel uncomfortable in these places, where animals are kept in captivity, so when I got there, I was really anxious, but then I had to do the job and I met these people who are passionate about what they do. I respect them but I will never understand.”

As we mentioned last week, Animal Defenders International is asking the public to boycott the film. Cotillard has been vocal about her feelings on the subject of marine animals in captivity. You normally don’t hear an actor being critical of their own film. Based on her quotes, perhaps Cotillard herself would even support the boycott.

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  • Heather Reser

    I originally thought I would be boycotting this film, but after seeing her interviewed on The Tonight Show, hearing her talk about her displeasure with the captivity issue and her vow to never see a captive whale again….I have changed my mind. The film looks hauntingly beautiful, and instead of glorifying whales in captivity, I think it can shed light on the conditions they live in and the working conditions and risks the trainers face…to a worldwide audience who might never have given a thought to the issues of marine mammal captivity. The whales are already captive; it isn’t like they captured them strictly for use in the movie. She isn’t making money “off of the whales” by their inclusion in the movie. I haven’t seen the movie, so I have to reserve judgment until I do. I hope others think twice before boycotting the movie….perhaps watch it with friends and let it spark an intelligent conversation about the ethics of keeping these beautiful animals captive.

  • Patty Shenker

    I give Marion a lot of credit for speaking out against Sea World & their blatant cruelty to the marine animals. She shows much more courage & compassion than Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson & Christopher Waltz of Water for Elephants who never said a word about the abuse that Tai, the elephant, got & is still getting to be in films, commercials and other nefarious activities. I still won’t go to Cotillard’s new film but i am very grateful for her using her voice against animal captivity & cruelty!