by Michael dEstries
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Late last night, after watching President Obama’s wonderful acceptance speech with bleary eyes and a relieved heart, I sank into bed and immediately thought of the White House honey bees.

To be sure, bees were not a part of my decision to vote for either candidate, but what the Obama’s have done over at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (especially for a guy with a green heart) has been inspiring. And there are many themes present today that I and many others would have missed under a Romney banner.

Michelle Obama’s vegetable gardens, the first on the South Lawn since 1943, have motivated thousands of families around the country to follow suit. The White House honeybees, another first, have likewise encouraged people to become more interested in bees, start their own hives, and help boost populations. And let’s not forget the delicious brew that honey goes into producing…

Perhaps best of all has been Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative attacking childhood obesity, encouraging healthy eating choices, and boosting programs aimed at getting kids outside and active. It’s wonderful to know that the First Lady has been given another term to expand her program and leave behind a legacy that will improve the health of families everywhere.

It’s safe to assume that under Romney, the vegetables garden, bees, and oh yes the beer (Mitt doesn’t drink) would have been shelved. The Romney’s have many interests that likely would have taken form in some other beneficial initiatives, but getting dirty – and inviting the rest of the country to get back in touch with nature as well – likely would not have been one of them.

So here’s to four more years! Now about those solar panels…



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