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Mayim Bialik speaks out regarding Prop 37 and Measure BMayim Bialik speaks out regarding Prop 37 and Measure B

Mayim Bialik Jokes She'll Put Condoms on to Eat GMO Meals

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Mayim Bialik isn’t holding back her frustration over the failure of prop 37, a ballot initiative seeking to ensure all foods containing GMOs are labeled.

Here’s what “The Big Bang Theory” actress posted on Facebook today: “California voters: the condoms you approved for sex workers to have to wear (which I voted for too)… maybe I’ll wear them when I eat my unlabeled genetically modified food. Sound good?”

As a vegan and animal activist, Bialik is hardcore when it comes to standing up for her beliefs. I would say this covers it.

For those in the dark regarding each issue, here’s the lowdown. California voters had the opportunity yesterday to vote on two ballot initiatives.

  • Measure B: Require pornographic actors to wear condoms in Los Angeles City and County?
  • Prop 37: Require labeling of food containing genetically modified ingredients?

Well, as you can tell from Bialik’s post, Measure B passed, while Prop 37 did not.

Many Californians, like Bialik, were hoping to transform the food industry with the GMO proposition so everyone could be fully informed about what they’re putting into their bodies.

We’re all for safe sex, but how about safe eating too. Condoms and labels. Both forms of excellent protection for responsible citizens.

Where do you stand on each issue?

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

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  • guest

    “As a vegan and animal activist, Bialik is hardcore when it comes to standing up for her beliefs. I would say this covers it.” — funny on the Big Bang Theory she plays a character that disects primates..where is her hardcore animal activism here?

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