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Rust and Bone clipRust and Bone clip

This Whale Clip from 'Rust and Bone' is Incredibly Moving

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As you may have seen from our previous coverage, the film “Rust and Bone” is receiving flak from activists over its decision to film whales in captivity. Marion Cotillard, who plays a marine park trainer in the film, says the experience of working with the animals has convinced her that they deserve better.

“I’d rather see whales in their own environment and not in a swimming pool. I will never go back to a Sea World,” she shares.

She continues, “I really feel uncomfortable in these places, where animals are kept in captivity, so when I got there, I was really anxious, but then I had to do the job and I met these people who are passionate about what they do. I respect them but I will never understand.”

We have a first clip from the film below – and it you’ve ever somehow doubted the intelligence of these great creatures, this will change your mind. It’s a beautiful, haunting, and absolutely moving clip.

Wrote one commenter on our site yesterday, “I hope others think twice before boycotting the movie….perhaps watch it with friends and let it spark an intelligent conversation about the ethics of keeping these beautiful animals captive.”

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  • Cassandra Garffie

    So what you are saying is that when that woman was killed by one of these that it was on purpose. If you say they have the mentality to show emotions in this clip they could most likely understand the consequences of dragging a trainer by her hair through the water. Can’t have it both ways.

    • PokerRay

      I’d be interested in hearing what you mean by “understanding the consequences”. What consequences? What point or position are you trying for here?
      Killer whale intelligence – established. Intelligence on this site – not so much.

    • and so, you are blaming the whale for doing what comes naturally to it ? In a few sentences you have proven exactly that these beautiful WILD and intelligent creatures should not be kept in captivity. They do not belong there. The trainer knew she was working with a wild animal, wild animals live on instinct, mankind should not be so arrogant as to think, that just because you hold an animal captive and use it’s intelligence against it, you have taken away it’s instinctive behaviour. I say again, these wonderful creatures should not be held in captivity. Full stop.

      • Janne Thiebaud


    • Janne Thiebaud

      Why would the Orca even consider the consequences? Why should it even care? Have you never been angry, frustrated, desperate? So what if the Orca DID do that on purpose, are you telling me that if you were imprisoned against your will, that you would not do all in your power to escape, to let your captors KNOW that you wanted OUT of your prison? To KILL to escape or get your message across? I can tell you right now, I have felt those emotions, and I most certainly WOULD do all in MY power to escape, get the message across, INCLUDING KILLING MY CAPTORS! There is no difference between the Orca that killed that woman, and you and me…well me anyway. They DO NOT belong in captivity PERIOD, and the SOONER people develop a CONSCIENCE about that, the sooner they will all be free, ALL the sea creatures!!

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