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Let’s just say that Arian Foster, one of the NFL’s most prodigious running backs, is into eating a very healthy, mostly-animal free diet. Which to say, is different from the vegan one he started with earlier this year.

“I’ve been dabbling back and forth,” Foster told the Houston Chronicle about this diet. “I just like to eat healthy. The whole vegan thing, a lot of people are really interested in my food. … I’ve had meat since I said I don’t eat meat anymore, but I like to stay with the plant-based foods, but every now and then, I’ll eat something.”

Back in July, Foster’s announcement that he had dropped animal products and gone vegan rippled throughout the NFL. Despite many former stars already finding success without meat, Foster’s decision for some reason really resonated.

“Everybody cares what I eat now,” he later told Yahoo! Sports. They didn’t care before, but they do now. Everybody is a nutritionist now and they’re an expert on protein. Every day, every single day somebody knows something new to do. I just smile and say, ‘OK.’”

“I know that’s why so many people are interested,” Foster added, speaking about our culture’s emotional attachment to food. “They’re speaking from their heart … [but] I’m concerned with what I’m putting in my body. That bad stuff we eat, it goes into your body and it stays there. It stays in your heart. Trust me, I love that kind of food. I see a hamburger and I know it’s delicious. But now I can think it through and know that hamburger is not necessarily good for me.”

Back to the present, Foster says that the diet he’s created for himself is what’s fueling him the best – and that’s all that matters.

“I’m not in a cult,” he said. “Nothing’s going to happen to me. I just wanted a piece of chicken. It wasn’t like temptation. I felt like I could use one.”

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