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Lea Michele Helped Cory Monteith Lose Weight with Vegan Diet

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“Glee” star Lea Michele knew just what to do when boyfriend and costar Cory Monteith put on some extra pounds. According to sources, the actress convinced him to cut out the animal products and eat vegetarian and vegan foods.

Contact Music reports that a source said, “Cory’s idea of a balanced meal was a bowl of sugary cereal followed by a handful of candy. He was also a big meat and potatoes guy.”

The source continued, ”Lea made it clear she wanted him to hop on her fitness bandwagon and in June she convinced him to adopt a vegetarian diet. By August Cory was eating all vegan – things like quinoa salads and veggie burgers – and he was joining Lea on hikes and at yoga classes. He dropped more than 20 pounds in only a few months and Lea loves his new look.”

Going from meat and potatoes to quinoa and veggie burgers is quite the leap. We wonder how he’s feeling about his old diet now that he’s twenty pounds lighter and sugar/saturated fat free. Even if he doesn’t stay vegan, maybe his new diet will incorporate more vegetables and fewer animals.

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  • ruyhie

    I don’t believe he went on a diet for her or that they are dating anymore…..if they ever were.

  • xena

    They are great together, but he said he had to lose weight to play Finn in the army, so I guess he liked how he felt, so he continued. Good for him, and I am sure Lea, loves him just as much with or without the 20 pounds. He looks fantastic either way…he could be 300 lbs. and bald and he would still be gorgeous.

  • $20971245

    To keep his job he had to lose some weight – I know Cory is NOT vegetarian NOR vegan. Please stop PRomoting this showmance for their failing show. I respect the content and mission of this website; please don’t fall into cheap journalism.

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