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Acclaimed vegan restaurant VEDGE in Philadelphia has picked up an Eater Award for  “Philadelphia Restaurant of the Year” – scoring yet another big honor for a plant-based joint that’s only 12 months into its run.

“I LOVE meat,” exclaims one reviewer on Yelp.  “I LOVE bacon. I can’t live without Sushi.  All that being said, Vedge is one of the top 3 restaurants in the city…PERIOD.  I’ve been to Vedge 4 times now.  Every singe time I walk out satisfied and thoroughly impressed.  I’m not sure I’ve had anything less than excellent.”

Indeed, Ecorazzi’s Jennifer Schulz had similar sentiments; writing in her review last year that the desserts in particular are ridiculously good.

“Although full by dessert time, the peanut butter cookies and cheesecake proved irresistible… moist, flavorful and MUCH better than what Grandma used to make (using all those off-limit, animal ingredients).”

Back in August, VEDGE co-owner Kate Jacoby told Eater that the enthusiastic response from non-vegans and non-vegetarians has been the most surprising part of the business so far. “We’re positioned as a plant-based restaurant, and that is great for the “foodie types” and not just the veggies, since it’s about having good product,” she said. “We didn’t expect that, but it’s a nice bonus.”

And as for non-Philly denizens – could a VEDGE be coming their way anytime soon? “We’ve had some people approach us about it, and maybe in the future we will have a Vedge in Los Angeles, which would be great,” she said. “But, right now, we’re still working out the kinks and loving our time at Vedge. The talent pool we have here is just phenomenal.”

Congrats to the entire team at VEDGE! To check out their menu and site, jump here.

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