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The McDonald's mural in Huntington Beach was untouched by vandals for 20 years, until it was tagged with the word "vegan."The McDonald's mural in Huntington Beach was untouched by vandals for 20 years, until it was tagged with the word "vegan."

McDonald's Mural Vandalized with Vegan Graffiti

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A McDonald’s in Huntington Beach, California is reeling after their beloved beachside mural was destroyed by vegan vandals.

According to HuffPo, the restaurant was undergoing renovations when workers discovered the graffiti in October. The mural formerly depicted well-known Mickey D’s characters Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Hamburgler and more.

But someone looking to spread a message to the fast food chain painted over the characters in black, block writing with the word, “VEGAN.”

The restaurant attempted to remove the tag and restore the mural, but their efforts were unsuccessful. The entire wall has now been painted over, and restaurant manager John Patterson is heartsick at the loss.

“We were heartbroken when we came in the next morning and saw this,” he said. “In 20 years, we had never had any graffiti vandals touch the mural.”

The mural was painted in 1987 by Iranian-born artist Saeed Danosian, who worked at the restaurant while developing his art career. Danosian passed away in 2008, and Patterson plans to recreate the mural in the artist’s honor.

Meanwhile, news of the vandalism has stirred up some in the veg community, and probably not the way the vandals intended. One commenter on Reddit wrote, “I dislike McDonalds and am myself a vegetarian, but that’s some serious bullsh*t. You don’t vandalize historic art. I hope the people who did this get caught and are forced to pay the cost of restoration and have the book thrown at them.”

However, other comments point out that there’s no proof vegans actually committed the crime. “While I too think this is an absolute shame (I remember it fondly from my childhood as well) it’s worth noting that this isn’t necessarily done by vegans and maybe just someone trying to make a controversial ‘statement,'” said one reply.

What do you think? Is this a powerful message that furthers the vegan agenda? Or a silly crime that sheds negative light on plant-based living? Hit up the comments!

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  • Suzy W

    There are “extremists” in all groups, who forget that breaking the law to push their ideas on others takes their credibility away. We see this mostly in political and religious extremists, and Vegans have their extremists too.

    • joshrandall

      McDonalds are extremists – what you mean is illegal extremists

  • La Flama Blanca (very famous)

    I’m heartbroken for this poor guy. Can you imagine how tough it must be to lose a deceiving mural used to lure in children to eat addictive death food. Poor fella.

  • Brady Jesson

    Oh nooooooooo.. Our beautiful tribute to consumerism is ruuuuined!

  • Mark Ware

    Way to go! McDonalds can suck it!

  • KatzPawz32

    I think it looks better this way. Perhaps the chain needs to look into going towards that suggestion?

  • Vandalism is never right however so is false advertising ! Yesterday I watched television for one hour and couldn’t believe how many fast food commercials I had to watch trying to lure me to eat their unhealthy food.. The government claims it is concerned about the obesity crisis in North America and the high cost of healthcare yet it allows these corporations to barrage us with commercials that claim their food is healthy and is in fact killing us… The government refuses to enforce the labeling of GMO’s.etc. and is unable or unwilling to regulate fast foods and prepared foods. Our world has become a huge billboard.. The corporations make the rules and the government who is supposed to protect the citizens turns a blind eye. Money these days is more important than morality….so sad 🙁

  • shannon milling

    It was probably a vegan that painted it…and they’re fucking awesome-Macdonalds is responsible for harming animals as well as people

  • Shelley Petlansky Watkins

    Aw, they were “heartbroken.” I’m heartbroken over the billions of animals they’ve tortured and killed. That’s one tagger I’m grateful for.

  • It doesn’t look like graffiti at all to me. In fact, it’s beautifully integrated. They were the ones who chose to paint over it simply because they don’t like the resulting message.

  • joshrandall

    McDonalds logos everywhere I go – they are the vandals doing it for money – who paid those spelling vegan – no one – that is art


    ….or maybe the writer is vegan…and wrote it on there..
    Seriously, who cares. You guys are looking way too much into it!
    keep on doing your thing spain!!!

  • go f ur self

    love how they made no mention to the overwhelming percent of people who said “fuck the meral, fuck the restaurant, go vegan!” big ol travesty when THEIR art gets ruined but you dont hear about when they demolish stuff to make way for new mcdonalds hhhmmm bunch of backwards PR bull, bottom line is mcdonalds is a corporation that makes billions off selling the cheapest ingredients they can find and dont care what had to happen for those things to be so cheap.

  • eddy

    Why are some idiots crying over a mural? It’s not a piece of historic art!!! Are you kidding me? Rubens, Breugel, Da Vinci and other masters are historic pieces of art! That mural was simply a glorification of the most horrific animal torture on this planet. Good riddance!!!

  • Yogesh Khandke

    As usual comment section makes more sense than what presstitutes have written. There is still hope. Would have

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