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by Ali Berman
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PETA supporter and regular in the ‘Twilight’ films, Kellan Lutz, has come out defending the use of live wolves at the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ premiere.

He doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers over at PETA but said about the wolves, “I would love to know where the wolves came from. It’s not like we took them out of the wild. Not to step on PETA shoes or anything, but they are in a loving environment, they’re treated very well, and I don’t think we can point fingers at anyone for having a collar on too tight… I hope I’m not making enemies over there, because I am very much for PETA. I think the wolves were so sweet. It was a good addition.”

PETA came out against the use of wolves at a loud party, saying, “Didn’t it dawn on the ‘Twilight’ event organizers that real wolves do not belong at a party with blaring music and flashing lights? The wolves were provided by Hollywood Animals, a notorious exhibitor that has been cited for numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act for repeatedly failing to provide the animals it exploits with basic veterinary care, proper shelter, food, and water. We hope the rest of the promotional events surrounding ‘Breaking Dawn’ celebrates the brilliant work of the cast and crew and shows enough respect for wildlife to leave animals out of it.”

We bet PETA will reach out to Lutz to explain the situation to him. Maybe he’ll start to see things differently when PETA tells him what they know about Hollywood Animals. We know they have a good relationship considering Lutz has done ads for them in the past.

Kellan isn’t the only animal lover in the ‘Twlight’ films. Stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are animal rescue regulars as well.

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