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Hayden Panettiere Explains Why She Ditched Her Vegetarian Diet

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Actress Hayden Panettiere apparently tried vegetarianism, but couldn’t keep up the diet because she felt too tired.

She told Self Magazine, “I tried vegetarianism, but my body didn’t respond well… I used to run an hour every day… (but) my body shut down. I was low-energy… Now I make egg-white scrambles with veggies for breakfast. For lunch, I have chicken or fish and greens, which are good for keeping your system working. I’m a fan of sushi for dinner, as long as the fish aren’t endangered… I can’t be full on a salad.”

Perhaps she should talk to these ten Olympians who thrive while competing on the world’s stage without meat. This notion that vegetarians just eat salad is a frustrating one to anyone who actually follows the diet. And yet, that misconception is still a popular myth.

If Ms. Panettiere tries vegetarianism again, and we hope she does, she should hire a veg chef for the first week or two to show her that a well balanced vegetarian diet involves a lot more than just eating salad.

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  • Pema

    I don’t think anyone should be given a hard time for what their body needs. She knows her body best and everyone in this world is different with different needs. I’m very sensitive to animals’ needs yet I bounced between vegan and vegetarian for 7 years before becoming a conscious omnivore who eats mostly fruits and vegetables. There is no one right way to do things.

    • Ava Tara

      No body “needs” slaughtered animals, period.

      • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

        Says you. Thanks, but I’ll let MY BODY decide that.

        • Ava Tara

          Science has decided that :p It’s not nutritionally necessary nor optimal for survival and health.

      • Faye Volcy


  • Gwen

    Sadly, Pink is not vegan…:-(

    • Why you say that?

      • Gwen

        In the latest ‘Shape’ magazine, she says that she eats cheese, fish, and chicken. She also states that she ate cheesecake through most of her pregnancy. I was shocked as she has always been one to stand up for animal rights.

        • Mary

          and look at the osbournes, that was a quick vegan stint….now sharon is pitching atkins.

        • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

          I eat animals…ETHICALLY. And I can still be for ANIMAL RIGHTS….the two are not mutually exclusive. All animals will die at some time.

          I’m guessing all you vegans would want ALL the animals on the plant right now, today to just what…die so we stop eating them? Where would they go then if not? hmmm perhaps we just let them all run amok and destroy our forests and ecosystems?

          We need to end the FACTORY, concentrated animal feedlots and the madness there and work on more local, small farms that are holistic and humane and ethical.

          I can still stand up for the rights for animals to be raised properly and treated humanely no matter if they are a pet or are raised for consumption.

          Get your heads out of your asses. Don’t you all even know that PETA kills THOUSANDS of animals every year. I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS. So stop being Hypocrites and supporting a completely hypocritical organization.

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      Who cares…let her live HER LIFE how she chooses. Why are you all such judgmental assholes because of how people choose to EAT!!

  • Aina_Lover

    it’s a shame that she went from marine animals conservation & vegetarian Hero status to meat-and-seafood-scarfing ditzy Nashville queen in no time. she should really take a lesson about strength and endurance on a veg diet from Carrie Underwood, the REAL compassionate country music princess.

    • Joseph Kool

      You’re just jealous because she’s hot and eats meat while you’re an ugly stinking vegan so you try to attack her out of spite.

      • Mary Smithson

        You are attacking in a spiteful way.

      • carter

        Joseph ‘Kool’ are you sticking your tongue out and making faces while posting too?

      • It’s funny, because those of us who are “ugly stinking vegans” are ones who don’t believe in butchering a being to consume it. And you call them names and make fun of them for not wanting death and violence. Also, she won’t be hot for very long, you won’t be fapping to her too long after she has 8 pounds of undigested meat in her colon.

        • Karl Malloy

          I’m sorry, this is too rich. *clears throat* When Hayden has 8 pounds of undigested meat in her colon, I’ll have no need for fapping. Thank you, thank you.

        • Guest

          Kaleb, it’s sanctimonious people like you that give vegetarians a bad name.

        • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

          Seriously dude… MEAT digests completely in your stomach. Humans can’t even digest cellulose. All those beans and cellulose from all those plants don’t do anything but actually ferment in the gut…now this isn’t always a bad thing, this is part of the healthy gut process. But unlike animals like bovines who have multichambered guts and hosts of bacteria and then repeated rechewing of their food (ie cud) it takes a LONG chain process to actually digest fully all that plant material. So yeah lots of animals are great at turning plant material into material they can eat. They also have to eat a LOT and therefore POOP a LOT.

          Go ask this guy who doesn’t have a stomach and that he has proven that he can swallow whole meat pieces and they digest fully unlike fully chewed plant material.


          Eat however pleases your digestive tract, but don’t spout out this absolute cockamamie crap. Humans are OMNIVORES we can digest meat as well as a good portion of many array of plant material. Some of us do better at some things than others due to our metabolism but for the most part every human is physiologically an omnivore and can thus digest meat. I am never constipated or have any problem releasing my waste unless I eat a high plant diet. When I eat a meat high in animal proteins and fats I have NO issues with elimination and my plumbing is quite clean.

          Ever wonder why all the Gerson therapy patients have to do so many enemas? Because they have lost the ability to have a proper bowel release/process. Yes it helps as they claim to clear the toxins in the liver but I believe there is more to it than that. If they were eliminating their waste properly they wouldn’t have to force their liver to detox this way. And MAX GERSON had his patients eat raw calves liver as part of their cancer therapy to give them additional nutrients that would not harm their cancer protocol.

      • Katty

        I am a vegan too, we are many and proud to be smart, and yes this woman is the top of stupidity, how idiot she can be to say that IN PUBLIC!!!!! and you are just another ignorant, sorry to tell you, but you should bite your tong, because nothing valid is coming out of it.

    • Art Faucett

      It’s a shame thaty people like you feel the need to try and dictate what other people do based on your twisted opinions. STFU.

  • Cyril Figgis

    This is why we shouldn’t worship celebrities.

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      This is why we shouldn’t let others tell us how to live our lives either. Live your life Hayden…follow your BODY and your INTUITION and what is right for you.

      • SerioGen-Ti

        It’s not simply ‘your life’ when it involves intentionally and unnecessarily causing the pain, suffering & death of other animals.

        And “follow your body and your intuition” is some of the most moronic advice I’ve ever heard when comes to nutrition.
        Your ‘body’ will tell you to eat all kinds of garbage you shouldn’t be eating. It doesn’t know how to work with many of the ‘food’ products available in our broken modern societies.

        People’s ‘bodies’ frequently tell them to eat fat & sugar until it seriously injures or kills them.
        And a person’s intuition when it comes to nutrition is only valuable if the person’s knowledge of human nutritional requirements is adequate.

        • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

          That is why you LISTEN!!!! Those signals are SIGNS. They can tell you if you have yeast issues, adrenal issues, etc. I love how you people demonize fat and sugar. Your brain is comprised of 90% fat. Good luck keeping your myelin from deteriorating without eating proper amounts of nourishing saturated fats and cholesterol to keep your body from having to overproduce it’s own cholesterol. Stop reading the crap science called the china study it is ripe with false conclusions and inaccuracies and bad data.

          And seriously, this whole killing animals blah blah is ridiculous. Animals eat each other every day. Your little kitty cat is a carnivore and would gladly snipe that squirrel, blue bird, rabbit, mouse etc without a single care in the world other than to feed and nourish it’s body. I think people have become so desensitized from death that they can’t even separate killing an animal for food and nourishment from doing it out of sport or some other deranged nature. Yes factory farming is bad. But I don’t condone or suggest that. We buy our meat from local farmers who humanely raise and slaughter their animals for food. They are treated with care and respect from beginning to end. Yes you CAN eat meat ethically.

          How do you think the animals would suffer if the whole earth suddenly went “vegan”? Animals and plants and humans all work together. My cows eat grass so I don’t have to!! Humans are not meant to eat grass. Have you ever known a human who could eat grass and be as big as a cow? No because we simply do not have the ability to extract the nourishment from grass as cows do. Yes we can eat many fruits and vegetables and some people do well with that. Good for them. But I am sick and tired of you people demonizing people for eating the food that the earth provides for it’s inhabitants. ALL of its inhabitants. Stop acting superior. and stop putting animals above humans. We are all in this together and we can help each other to thrive and survive.

      • Enric Martinez

        Well, I would pay a lot of attention to what others have to say to me about my body and nutriition, else I would be still stuffing my faces with ice cream instead of running trails.

        You know that there are people called “dieticians” and “doctors” who study this stuff for years, right?

  • PhilChance

    I also wonder if she had proper nutrition. When I visit my parents I cook vegetarian or vegan and they both have more energy and are surprised at the variety of food and how full they feel. We all need more nutrition education. To our bodies it is nutritional content it doesn’t need the form such as burger, that is our brains.

  • She is the idiot who was crying and causing a seen about the dolphins being killed. Must not be that important.

    • I don’t think she eats dolphins though…

      • Johnnyboy

        Look up the word “bycatch”.

      • It doesn’t matter. If you cry for one animal dying, but don’t for another, you are a speciest. Eating a chicken is no different than eating a dolphin. A being died regardless so that one can kill themselves little by little via consumption.

        • mamacita75

          And those plants/vegetables died for you too.

          • Iceisnice

            Oh for fuck’s sake; the old ‘PLANTS DIE TOOOO hawhawhaw’ hat trick. Please take your trolling ass elsewhere.

        • Belle

          It is actually completely different and this type of thinking is what the Japanese fisherman propel in order to continue their barbaric practices for $$$. Dolphins are sentient, conscious and believed by many scientists to be even more intelligent than us. They are self aware, killing them is the same as killing a person.

    • Art Faucett

      Yeah, that was great video wasn’t it? She’s too good to be true, lol

    • French Mcgee

      *clapping* She cares for dolphins and endangered fish (as if fisherman throw away a catch) but not chickens and non-endangered animal.

  • James Q

    Just eat whatever you want, meat or anything. Stop whining about “oh, how sad, she’s eating what people are supposed to eat!” Have a prime rib.

  • Bobananda Das

    @Pema – bullshit – people don’t intuitively know what their body needs – if they did we wouldn’t have eleventy billion obese people clogging our healtrhcare system. And people are not pysiologically different enough to require anything else that anyone else doesn’t need. If Olympic level athletes can easily excell in their sport on a vegan diet then your average joe, or your average “life of leisure” celebrity certainly can – easily.

    If you’re competing on an Olympic level, maybe I might be willing to entertain your concern, but otherwise there is no reason other than laziness, and/or the desire for the flavor of meat to ditch a vegan diet.

    • Joseph Kool

      Or maybe vegan food tastes like crap and there’s no good reason not to eat meat since god put animals on this planet for our consumption.

      • fruzz_86

        have you ever even had vegan food? probably not. im an omnivore who is trying to go vegetarian and eventually vegan and i respect it. and the argument that god put animals on this earth for our consumption is so ignorant and irrelevant. have you seen how those animals get slaughtered? we can live without meat and if you knew what meat and dairy does to your body you would’nt eat it.

      • carter

        are ten year olds supposed to have accounts here?

      • Ava Tara

        I made vegan double chocolate stoutcake with german chocolate cake style frosting for my recent birthday- it was INCREDIBLE! If you think Vegan food tastes like crap you clearly haven’t had much.

        • The same version with milk and eggs is probably better.
          Your just used to eating food that doesn’t taste good, when you have something decent it seems really tasty

          • f.t

            completely incorrect. I am an ovo lacto vegetarian, and the best desserts I have tried are vegan, especially from the Addiction Food company. you haven’t even tried vegan desserts so how can you comment? fool

          • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

            You have eggs and dairy. Animals are treated horrible so you can have your eggs and dairy. Educate yourself.

          • Bobananda Das


          • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism


        • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

          Probably not “healthy” vegan or not. So your point is invalid.

      • Tammy R.

        Joseph Kool, People don’t want to eat animals because it is their protest against how the animals are treated before they become our food. Cruel treatment of cows, chickens, pigs and all others is the norm for the large farms that raise them. Its terrible, not what God intended for the animals when he made them for us. That is why I don’t eat animals anymore.

        • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

          Exactly. Could not have said it better myself.

      • Cindy Ashline

        God did not originally put animals on this planet for our consumption. This happened after the fall of mankind. In the beginning before sin happened, God desired every living thing to live forever. There was to be no killing of animals. We were originally made to be vegan.

        • Karl Malloy

          Yes, all apes were vegan originally. Mankind’s evolution involved switching to a heavy diet of animals. No other apes, including gorillas, orangutans, baboons, and chimps – all of our closest cousins, eat more than 2% meat in their normal diet. It took an evolutionary leap forward for us to begin consuming more meat.

          • SerioGen-Ti

            We didn’t evolve to be able to eat more meat.
            We simply evolved.
            At some point some humans started consuming animals (either out of desperation or because of a religious belief, or one of at least ten other highly possible reasons) and that practice managed to spread through many generations.
            Not because it’s what humans are supposed to do but simply because humans tend to do whatever their parents raise them doing.
            Consuming animals has been causing illness & disease for humans ever since.
            Just because the majority of humans does something does not mean it is the right thing to do.
            Throughout history, we can find examples to remind us of this.
            Murdering & consuming animals is one of the remaining wrongs practiced by the majority, and as our societies continue to evolve it is going away.

          • Karl Malloy

            We evolved, and those that weren’t eating meat were outcompeted by those who were. Plain and simple. Those whose parents raised them to eat meat had an advantage over those whose parents didn’t. Because of said advantage, not eating meat died out. Because of a maintenance of said advantage, societies that didn’t eat meat over the centuries remained on the fringe and eating meat remained the dominant form.

            Once we got to a certain level of luxury, some could afford to start to consider it wrong. Their logic is irrelevant to whether or not it will continue its dominance.

          • veggiedude

            “Mankind’s evolution involved switching to a heavy diet of animals.” Never did happen until about the 20th century in the western world, and for some parts like China, not since the last 20 years. Most of our meat eating was rarely above 10% of our diet, more likely 5-6%, and that’s in the last 100,000 years – far less before that. Only kings and queens and noble men ate like we do today, and they called it feasting. Now we feast 365 days a year. We are man-made omnivores, not natural omnivores. As for the explosion of our intelligence, it was once thought to be meat in our diet, but as of 2015, we know it was STARCH. Starch provides quick access to GLUCOSE, which is the natural fuel of the brain.

      • phubans

        Haha, it’s amusing that people like you actually exist. And when that amusement wears thin, it’s just frightening.

      • Belle

        I realize this comment is 2 years old and probably posted by a 12 year old w/a smartphone but this is the most ignorant comment I’ve seen in a long time. And Im not even a vegetarian. People like this moron are what is wrong with most of America.

      • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

        Vegan food is awesome and couldn’t be more delicious. You are just ignorant and uneducated. In the beginning of time we were not intended to eat meat. It is clearly stated in the bible.

    • That may be true but I cannot think of anything more delicious than free range elk tenderloin. There is only one way to get that.

      • Iceisnice

        Cold blooded slaughter! Give the guy a kewpie doll. Nothing like murdering another being for the sake of ‘deliciousness’.

        A veritable monument to compassion, you are. I applaud your witty comment and look forward to you inevitably commenting “BACON” on a vegan photo some time.

      • Enric Martinez

        Well, I cannot think of anything more delicious than a well roasted human ripcage with chili sause or a tender baby stew, but they call it “murder”, I wonder why.

      • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

        Gross. I would never eat that shit. I don’t eat corpses. My body is not a grave yard.

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      You know what I call bullshit on these so called “olympic athletes” ALL these athlete vegans CHEAT. I will promise you all the money in the WORLD that these athlete vegans cheat and eat eggs, meat and fat, maybe not in their competition events but usually after when their bodies are craving sustenance. Also they eat a shit ton of “protein powders” and soy based crap which is NOT healthy. I have heard from more people than I can count who claim to be 100% all raw, all vegan all the time. And they ALL CHEAT. And then say it doesn’t count. There are blog after blog of high level, long known vegans who have come out and said the same as well and have even gone as far as choosing to not be vegan any longer.

      I say do what is best for YOUR BODY. You wanna be vegan…have at it. But don’t act all holier than thou that YOUR way is “THE” way.

      If a person is actually, truly healthy; has stamina, strength, endurance, good sleep habits, good brain and mental function, no underlying health issues (thyroid, auto-immune, asthma, allergies, diabetes, yeast, IBS/Chrons, mental issues or brain fatigue/fog, etc) then I’d say their diet is working for them…otherwise they need to check their diet and see what needs to be changed. But what works for ONE person will not work for the entirety of the world…this is absolute absurdity and nonsense. So get off the damn highhorse and eat your veggies or your meat and enjoy it and let others do as they damn well choose.

      • Person

        I’ll bet those elephants cheat too. MAN! Look how huge they are- they must be eating eggs, and antelopes, and protein powders and nice cooked steak. How else could they get so big and healthy? And what about those giant panda bears- I don’t think they could actually get that big just eating plants and mainly bamboo shoots. That would be insane, and just not possible. I’m still waiting to catch them cheating on my camera- and then I’ll shoot and eat them, because I have to or I won’t be perfectly healthy.

        And all those people who eat meat? They all have perfect skin, can run a marathon, lift their own body weight, get to sleep in fifteen minutes, and have perfect brains- no mental problems at all, certainly not osteoporosis, heart failure, bone problems, heart problems, lung problems, and joint problems! Those vegans need to grow up- don’t they see their diet is making them die of heart failure, suffer bone problems, and barely be able to get out of bed in the morning? Don’t they see they have to eat the dead flesh of a living, sentient being in order to avoid these problems and be healthy? Don’t they SEE that those living, sentient beings EXIST to be consumed by our huge, sharp canine teeth! Seriously. What is UP with those people.

        • Bobananda Das

          Don’t forget gorillas. Almost genetically identical to humans, they are incredibly muscular and powerful. Where do they get their protein? Leaves, that’s where.

        • Enric Martinez

          Now you have to proof that 🙂

          HINT: I myself am an ultra runner and I don’t cheat. I CAN RUN a marathon, that’s what I do as a hobby 😉

          So, BTW, how much do you run fatty?

          I think I smell a disgrunteled fat ass ranting just to keep his own conscience safe from the to knowledge that he fails to himself and is just fucking lazy to take his butt from the couch and that’s why he thinks that other people cheat… XD

          So long fatty 🙂

          • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

            I am a very proud vegan. I work out 5-6 times a week and have so much energy all the time.

      • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

        I am all vegan all the time. I NEVER cheat. The vegan diet has plenty of sustenance. You are probably just ignorant and don’t know the first thing about being vegan.

  • angry vegan

    are these actors just freaking stupid as if vegan and veghead only eat salad, have a heart low energy ..? WhaT since i went vegan i have more energy my body feel lighter then ever. stupid hollywood a-holes

  • Al Dente

    One thing to remember is that people are poor at interpreting reality. We are subject to confirmation bias, guilt, self-consciousness, defensiveness, placebo effect, desire to please others, etc. This is why we need things like well controlled double blind studies to figure out if a particular medication even works. We are so oblivious to reality we feel better if we think we are supposed to feel better and feel worse if we think we are supposed to feel worse. People adopt diets that reflect their worldview. From that point they interpret things according to their ideology. There are people who claim that high protein, high fat, high carb, high fiber, no gluten, raw, vegan, macrobiotic, fruititarian, Atkin’s, South Beach, Meditranian, Paleo, or whatever diet makes them feel like a million bucks and they were weak, tired, and dull before when they ate anything else. My bet is that Ms Panettiere read or heard something that made her doubt vegetarianism and then she thought she saw her health declining. In reality humans are omnivores who can thrive on amazingly varied diets. This is why we can survive almost anywhere. There are people who live almost exclusively on whale blubber and raw seal meat as well as people who live on little else but tubers and berries. We can live on whatever is available. Where lots of different foods are plentyful we have the luxury of eating how we want or believe is best. Our diets can define our character as much as our religion, politics, or favorite sports teams.

    • Mario Hernandez

      thank you for being a level-headed person in an argument on what never fails to be a touchy subject. i’ve had a lifelong fascination with veganism myself and have dabbled in it a couple times. as noble and perhaps ultimately right as i think it is, i can’t help shaking my head at the blind fanaticism of a lot of the people who defend it. their complete refusal to even entertain the notion that there are potential drawbacks to that lifestyle, whether as an individual choice or as a global paradigm, that perhaps our desire to minimize the violence we inflict on other species might conflict with other interests which are just as important or perhaps far more important. humans are and always have been natural omnivores who, as you said, can survive on countless different diets and for all but a privileged minority, a vegan diet is highly impractical or downright impossible. there’s more to life than living to be 100, there’s more to life than being unfailingly ethical, there’s more to life than feeling compassion for animals, and there’s certainly more to being healthy and happy than sticking to a particular diet. i believe that no diet is perfect for everyone and it seems fairly obvious that you can’t just eliminate the entire animal kingdom from an omnivore’s diet and expect that it won’t be fundamentally unhealthy for at least some people. for individuals who go to great lengths to live a compassionate lifestyle, some of them could learn a thing or two about humility and respect. to be alive is to suffer and cause others to suffer. you can be a frickin’ fruitarian with no possessions who never talks to anyone and you won’t be exempt from that basic law of existence. they would do well to remember that.

  • Teresa Wagner

    She eats fish????? After she cried watching dolphins being slaughtered in Japan? I think her days of being a credible spokesperson for saving whales and dolphins are over. Thousands of whales and dolphins are entangled every year in fishing gear often causing very slow and torturous death for them. Why? Because humans support the commercial fishing industry by eating fish. And she apparently did not research what is needed for energy in a vegan diet. I wonder if she’s ever heard of vegetarian cook books?

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    Look, I love animals WAY more than people, but I don’t think you should be criticizing people for the way they eat, unless they are indeed eating something endangered or even factory farmed. I used to be vegan and it was damn hard on me. I stuck it out for as long as I could. Then I found out I’m diabetic. I continued the vegan diet but my blood sugar went out of control. Fruit, veggies, tofu, and the like all have lots of carbs. Animal products have virtually 0 carbs. I had to go back to an animal diet in order to make sure I don’t die early. Now my sugar is low for it. I do everything I can to buy meat and eggs that are free-range and cruelty free. I don’t like that I have to eat the animals that I love, but I do to stay alive. You don’t know everyone’s individual story when it comes to diet, so you shouldn’t comment on what they SHOULD do until you know the facts. Stick to the scum who WEAR animals and abuse them instead. That, there is zero excuse for.

    • Dee

      Thats impossible. A Vegan diet is recommended not only for treating, but also preventing diabetes, and thats coming from the ADA. Its all in your head.

      • Joseph Kool

        You’re beyond stupid no wonder nobody likes you.

    • vvvvvlllll

      That’s true. Animals products have 0 carbs. What they do have is the saturated fats that cause … wait for it … diabetes. Yes, if you have type II diabetes, that’s a lifestyle disease caused by eating the very things you believe will help you with it.

      And if you have type I diabetes, then an autoimmune reaction to dairy is what likely caused it.

      What you buy isn’t “cruelty free.” None of it is. And there is no difference between those who kill animals to wear and those who kill them to eat. Both are totally unnecessary.

      • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

        Seriously??? This is the most absurd BS I’ve heard yet! I can’t even… It’s like I am in the twilight zone. I gotta get out of here before my head explodes from the extreme stupidity and lack of saturated fats in your brains!!! Please eat some cholesterol so your brains can function at optimal level. I am not kidding!!!! Ask any dementia patient who has been given coconut oil…they all come out of it like they were in a coma and are now awake and aware and free because their brains are so deprived of nutrients. Give it a try, you might like your brain on fats!

        • Guest

          …are you being sarcastic, a troll, or are you just ignorant?

    • fruzz_86

      diabetic? what were you eating. people also need to realize that not all vegans are healthy. there are tons of vegan junk foods out there.

    • JellyBelly

      That’s weird because here in India, diabetics are told to cut DOWN on the meat consumption. Maybe once or twice a week if they’re omnivores. But I find that most western diets don’t include legumes, lentils or spinach varieties in the abundance that is found in the tropics

    • Johnnyboy

      Unfortunately, pretty much all the meat on the market, including products marked “free range” or “cruelty free”, is a product of factory farming. read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals. It might really open your eyes.

    • Ava Tara

      Notice how the people on here defending eating animals are failed vegetarians and vegans themselves? You are trying to make excuses for doing the wrong thing Elizabeth, or you wouldn’t need to comment a long explanation excusing yourSELF. Vegan diets are fantastic for diabetes! My grandfather had diabetes and his cardiologist AND regular physician told him to ditch animal flesh and go Veg!

      • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

        Animal flesh does not cause diabetes….Good lord, what the hell are you people smoking. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO BASIS that animal protein or fat has any connection with diabetes. And actually PLENTY of evidence that it can Cure diabetes as well….it’s when one eats HEALTHY meats from healthy raised animals and ditches the refined carbohydrates and sugars.

        It is INSULIN resistance which is due to the constant need for insulin to balance the high amount of Glucose released into the blood stream. The biggest culprit is bread/flour/pasta/rice, sugar… a high refined carbohydrate diet. This is clear and known and anyone who can deny this is an absolute idiot and shouldn’t even be talking about food and nutrition.

        • Ava Tara
          • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

            That’s utter nonsense. These are not true “studies” and they never look at the SOURCE of the meat. How is was raised and processed. Most of the meat in these reviews are factory CAFO meat where they are fed lots of SOY, corn and wheat, and mostly GMO so yes this is very pro-inflammatory meat. Not to mention the refined carbohydrate bread they eat with this meat. It isn’t the “meat” that is the issue at all.

            Fat has NO cause in diabetes. That is absurd. Diabetes has to do with SUGAR consumption and insulin resistance this is not caused by eating meat. Saturated fat and cholesterol actually PROTECT the body.

            When people eat foods that are pro-inflammatory (corn, wheat etc) then their body sends out cholesterol (the healing agent in the body) to repair the damage in the cells. But again let’s get to the ROOT CAUSE of the damage. The cholesterol that is blamed for the heart disease is getting blamed for being the ambulance taking someone to the hospital. How absurd. As well as the meat here, it is getting blamed for something not of it’s own fault. Again it is the fault of how it was created.

            You will find it hard pressed to find any native or indigenous cultures who are partially much less fully vegan. However look at the indigenous cultures who did subsist on large amounts of animal products and not only thrived but they lived well into their 100’s without chronic disease, cancer etc. Men were fighting and hunting even in their 80’s and 90’s. But again they were eating animals who were grown natural in their environment not fed on feedlots eating soy, corn and wheat.

            I respect people to have a right to be vegan or omnivores. But this website and the people posting here acting like they KNOW about nutrition and health and what is best for ALL people are sorely lacking in critical thinking or any real knowledge about health and nutrition. If you don’t like eating animals good for you. Others do NEED it and will not thrive otherwise and also as humans have a RIGHT TO CHOOSE. And NO ONE should be able to tell another how to live their life. God gave us the earth to use as we needed. He gave us the animals and plants equally for food and medicine and for our enjoyment and pleasure as companions or for aiding us in our work. I would bet you all would be glad to not allow anyone to use an animal for work, or to ride it as pleasure if you hold to your ethics as you do.

            Even to go so far as to not take bees honey…I witnessed a ridiculous display of some vegan on a COOKING competition railing about how horrible it was to cook with honey because it’s not vegan blah blah blah. Well if you all want to eat your squash and zucchini and apples and pears, who do you think POLLINATES those plants? Well in order to KEEP THE BEES around and keep them active and populating you have to manage the hive. You can’t just expect them to carry on and pollinate all your crops without managing the hive and yes that will mean extracting the honey. But guess what…they make more. Again we can discuss HOLISTIC and ETHICAL bee care. But that does not have to = all honey is “bad”.

            Also what about eating chocolate, sugar, bananas, coffee, diamonds or other commodities who deal in the trafficking and slave wages and poor treatment of it’s farmers unless you are SURE you are buying FAIR TRADE. But some could still argue that you really shouldn’t buy or eat any of those things because is it truly sustainable and environmentally conscious to import these products? Again that is an ethical CHOICE people have to decide to make and have the right to decide.

    • Nicole Jaja
  • Thats funny I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 yrs and recently vegan about a yr now. I have more energy than ever. When I ate all that cheese and eggs I had allergies 3x a week and it made me tired. Now as a vegan I sleep well. So far almost no allergies (maybe once every month or two). She was prob eating too much cheese or her body was detoxing. I suppose everyone is different. But too bad she gave up. She should go visit Dr. Fuhrman. She certainly could afford it plus a good vegetarian chef. Vegan would be better.

  • J M

    i wholeheartedly disagree with this. the only reason people have a hard time giving up meat is because it TASTES GREAT. that’s all. you and everyone knows and we don’t need to bring the overwhelming statistics into this that show how terrible animal protein is for you, but the reason people can’t hang with being full time vegan/vegetarian is because they can’t give up their psychological attachment to the comfort you feel when you eat barbecue, or fried chicken, or even grilled foods. i struggle with sticking 100% to a plant-based diet too, but i’m not going to sit here and say my body needs it. at least I admit i’m too weak to always refuse meat…but i try to, and most of the time i’m successful.

  • Mary Smithson

    Hayden Pannetiere is weak.

  • Ava Tara

    Rachel McAdams may be one thing (she admitted she wasn’t doing it right) but Hayden is another- she seems completely ignorant. Anyone who thinks a Veg diet is just salads, and that eating Veg makes you tired (the complete opposite if you do it remotely correctly!) is a dummy who didn’t want to really be a vegetarian/vegan in the first place.

  • You can’t throw a fit and break down and cry when dolphins are being butchered in the ocean, and then go eat a chicken and think it’s alright. She is being a hypocrite about it, and she doesn’t even know how a vegetarian diet works. It’s not even really that difficult to figure out either. Balance, with mostly fruits and vegetables. Glad to know that her crusades really aren’t that important to her though.

    • Karl Malloy

      Unless the whole Sea Shepherd follower army is vegetarian, I’m gonna say they disagree with the concept that a chicken is on the same plane as one of the most intelligent mammals in the world.

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      What the hell does a chicken have to do with a dolphin in Japan????? Man you people are so ridiculous.

  • timjones

    Reading the comments below vegans are mean people. You think everyone must be like you, very narrow view.

  • softrbreeze

    God help me if that was my main option- I have never cared for salads!

  • heather9955

    People who go vegan & report they don’t get enough energy are not eating enough fruit. Fruit is for energy! And it’s very low fat too! People in the public eye should think before they go vegan & hire either a vegan chef or nutritionist if they don’t have the time to research it for themselves.

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      Fruit is full of sugar which MAKES YOU FAT. Not to mention feeds yeast and bacteria. No way. Fruit gives me a SPIKE of sugar rush and then crashes. So you are killing your adrenals and creating insulin resistance. Also your brain is made up of mostly fat. So if you want your brain to shrink, please stop eating fat and cholesterol and you will be just like the low fat, low salt eating alzheimers patients that are increasingly on the rise today. Or you can protect and nourish your brain and eat some butter and coconut oil.

      • Maleficent

        Fruit is natural sugar – it doesn’t make you fat. You really need to go to the library and borrow a book on nutrition. Or keep loading up on fat and cholesterol and tell us how your angioplasty goes.

      • Person

        NATURAL sugar. NATURAL sugar, not processed. We need sugar which is why it tastes so good, but most people get more than enough from junk food. So STOP EATING JUNK FOOD and still eat more fruit. Fruit is good for you. And actually, we make our own cholesterol in our bodies. If you get much more than that amount that we make, it starts becoming unhealthy. And salt? Yes, we need some of that. However, as we flavor everything with salt, we have more than enough- and there is actually salt in many fruits, just not a lot of it. And- butter? Since WHEN is butter GOOD for you? Since when is FAT good for you? Just eat enough calories and you’re good. Now be glad that you didn’t get a whole essay with citations and everything. It could have happened if I wasn’t in a good mood.

  • cosmati

    This happened to me too, I exercise a lot and always had lots of energy but when I switched from vegetarian to vegan I suddenly began developing debilitating fatigue, to the point that I thought something was seriously wrong with me… then I learned about vitamin B12 deficiency. Apparently this is an essential neurological nutrient that is only present in animal foods, so if you eat diary and eggs you are getting B12, however as a vegan you need to be watchful to make sure you are getting enough. Spirulina and Nutritional Yeast are good vegan sources of B12. Everyone is different and some people may be more prone to deficiencies, the most important thing to remember is that if you allow B12 deficiency to go on for too long, it can have devastating and irreversible effects on your health.


    • Maleficent

      B12 is NOT only found in animal foods! It is found in soy products, plant milks, and cereals. There is plenty of B12 in Soy Milk and other fortified vegan foods. And you only need very small daily amounts of it, so a well balanced diet covers it. Please stop spreading misinformation.

    • Nicole Jaja

      let me enlighten you. b12 is produced by bacteria present in cobalt rich soil. however, most of the land nowadays is cobalt depleted thanks to agriculture. vegans have many fortified foods to choose from, or they can just take b12 vitamin.
      and for your information, factory farmed animals are injected with b12 injection or its put into their food. de facto, factory farmed animals, as humans, need b12, and if they can´t obtain it from soil, it´s given to them via other options – fortification, injection.
      also, b12 is not just vegan issues. anyone can develop b12 deficiency. it´s a myth that animal products solves this deficiency. if it were true, than how come when you´re diagnosed with b12 deficiency, doctors will give you a b12 injection? think about it. and read this book – http://www.amazon.com/Could-It-Be-B12-Misdiagnoses/dp/1884995691/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393525751&sr=8-1&keywords=could+it+be+b12

      • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

        Funny…..if you have to “fortify” your food, or take supplements to substitute something normally found in a proper diet. Your diet is LACKING and is NOT a holistic diet!

        • Nicole Jaja

          animal products are fortified with b12 as well.
          you seriously think that factory farmed animals get their b12 naturally? nope.
          read my comments above, and don´t troll me again.

    • Nicole Jaja

      the safest way though how to prevent b12 deficiency is by taking sublingual b12 or b12 injections, as many people may have intristic factor deficiency so they´re unable to absorb b12 from foods.

  • Mac

    What a moron. Does she have any idea what the sushi industry has done
    to our oceans, fish, dolphins, turtles, and poor fishing communities in
    developing nations? Very few people know that the largest seafood
    supplier for sushi is owned by the cult run by Reverend Moon, founder of
    the Unification Church, (the moonies). Most sushi restaurants are
    Korean owned. Look it up. I had to research the seafood company for a
    job I had years ago. They have been known to over fish off the coasts
    in protected waters and actually threaten locals with guns who are
    trying to fish for survival. I guess this girl had a change of heart in
    how she feels about marine life.

  • Kyrstle Tams

    What a cop out! For someone who has such a love for animals, this is taking the piss. You are a celebrity with all the money in the world, and instead of consulting a nutritionist to ensure you diet is more balanced for your work, you take the easy way out! I’m veggie and have not seen a nutritionist. But I’ve at least consulted books, done some research and believe I have a very varied and nutritionally balanced diet. I feel fantastic. And I definitely do not live on salads! You were an inspiration…now I just pity all those beautiful creatures that no longer have you in their corner. Pathetic!

  • janet444

    I’m relieved to hear this, as I tried to be a vegetarian two or three times and was too tired. I know I can eat more than salad. And I can’t afford to hire a veg chef. Everybody’s body is different. As for commenters calling her stupid or saying it’s “just an excuse” can we just respect each person’s right to make their own decisions? Many people don’t even try a vegetarian diet at all.

    • Maleficent

      I can’t afford to hire a veg chef either, but somehow I manage, not only to be vegetarian, but to actually be vegan. It is very simple in this day and age. I really don’t understand all the excuses people make.

      • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

        Not an excuse for most people. They CHOOSE not to agree with you and follow YOUR lifestyle choices. They have their own beliefs and experiences and knowledge and choose differently.

        What a concept.

  • Michael Andreas Helmreich

    She probably needs more starch such as potatoes, or rice, so as to get enough energy.

  • KaylaRae

    What a cop out she took. You can easily thrive and be at your healthiest on a vegan diet. Shame on Hayden. I’ve lost respect for you.

  • Sam

    Mmm what a patronising article…………………

  • Gabe Kopca

    She was probably paid by Kraft, or some other Big Corporation to say this. I can not believe that she is honest as she said these things and that she sold herself out to such interests…

  • billpo

    Yes… because hiring a veg chef for a couple weeks is something all of us can do.

  • Maleficent

    She didn’t try a healthy vegetarian diet, obviously. I wonder how she reconciles her anti-dolphin hunting stance with supporting the factory farm/slaughterhouse industry via her diet? I wish she had as much passion for farm animals as she does for dolphins.

  • Sophi301

    When she goes out for sushi, does she ask the chef whether or not the fish are endangered? Does she have a running list of fish to and not to eat?

    • disqus_lcgocZ8O6h

      Actually it is not hard to do. I have a little wallet size card that tells you which fish have the highest and lowest levels of mercury and an ap on my phone to tell me what fish are most sustainable and safe to eat as well. Most people know the handful of fish that are appropriate and safest to eat. Not hard to know or do. There are really only a handful of fish used on most sushi restaurants anyway, just prepared in different rolls/dishes.

  • Kasey P

    Another misconception is that Olympians are the epitomes of health, when their bodies are actually under a lot of stress. It is not healthy to live the way they do, and it is certainly not healthy to do so whilst not eating meat.

  • Make A Change

    You don’t just start feeling tired when you become a vegetarian. She clearly did not have the proper nutrition beforehand and only started to notice when she made a big life change. Some people notice things in their bodies that have always been there but associate it with the most recent life change. If she was referring to an iron deficiency, it would have had to develop over many months not eating iron at all. Iron is supplemented in everything including, pasta, all grains, all cereals, granola bars, etc and is present in leafy vegetables.

  • Make A Change

    You need to have 115-135 g/l of hemoglobin in your blood which is not hard to account for. This is the range that covers 95% of the population needs.

  • SerioGen-Ti

    How to fail like Hayden Panettiere:
    1. Go vegetarian
    2. Experience low energy because of eating improperly.
    3. Start eating dead animals again instead of eating properly.

    Here’s hoping she realizes her mistake when she’s older & wiser.

  • vivian

    Now that I’m vegan I eat a wider range of delicious foods than ever before. Nutritional yeast parma “paremesian” tastes better than the real stuff. I eat starchy foods like sweet potatoes and rutabegas and small potatoes I eat legumes, quinoa, fake meats from gardein (really yummy), and with my legumes I make vegetable soups that are amazing. I rarely eat salad since all vegetables I eat I put in my soup but parma parmesian tastes good with apple cider vinegar on salad. 🙂 She should take a nutrition class and cooking classes and do it all over again !! Also bean and parma or nutritional yeast burritos with tomatoes are great. Baked sweet potatoes too.

  • Enric Martinez

    Scott Jurek and Cattra Corbet run ultras, they aren’t vegetarians but Vegans.
    I run ultras to, not as huge a mileage as the above mentioned but I do run more than an hour a day for sure. Just ended a row of 3 marathons and a 50K in a month (training only!)

    Beats me how somebody who does sports and has specialsit advice can say something so dumb as that. Not because she dropped vegetarianism, but because of the stupidity of what she says and how she says it.

    Any sporter no matter what diet we follow know that when something is not responding we can tweak a lot of things and we do alos exactly know were the problem comes from.

    Actually, running (and cardio in general for that matter) is fuelled by CARBS and you won’t get too much of these from a burger, not even from a lean red meat stake…

    To her discharge I have to say that the poor girl is obviously blond and we all know how hard this is…

  • Roxanne

    So she doesn’t know how to feed herself sans murdered corpse. Another idiot, meh.

  • Wendylovessomeone WithAutism

    I am vegan and have never felt better. She obviously wasn’t doing it correctly.

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