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The world’s most famous vegan continues to be undoubtedly former President Bill Clinton – having gone plant based in 2010 and then full veg in 2011.  During the Democratic National Convention this past summer, the 66-year-old’s new look impressed so many that the moniker “vegan fox” was thrown around on social media in admiration.

So what’s the guy enjoying these days to keep his health rocking? Two opportunities presented themselves early this month for a bit of insight into what he prefers.

The first happened last Tuesday in Sacramento where chef Adam Pechal prepared a variety of vegan meals for Clinton and his staff. “Cooking vegan is not my forte, but I love a challenge,” said Pechal, who is set to compete this January on ABC’s The Taste. “This was a once in a lifetime thing.”

According to the Sacramento Bee, Clinton was served Tatsoi salad with Napa cabbage, almonds, red carrots and citrus-ginger dressing; as well as housemade spinach pasta with golden cauliflower, roasted peppers, confited cippolini onions, arugula and toasted almonds.

His staff had dishes like black radish chips, rainbow chard bundles filled with curried potatoes, turnips, mushrooms and leeks, fresno chilis stuffed with Burgess buttercup squash and roasted garlic.

Pechal also sourced all of this ingredients locally from Feeding Crane Farms. According to staff members, the President loved the dishes. We agree – they sound amazing.

The very next day, Clinton stopped by the new healthy fast food chain LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto.

He “enjoyed a vegan tasting featuring creations from expert, LYFE Chef Tal Ronnen including, sweet corn chowder, quinoa crunch wrap and he loved the Crispy gardein™ Chicken Sandwich,” a spokesperson for LYFE Kitchen told Patch.

So there you go – a bit of presidential inspiration if you’re looking to add some new dishes to your diet.

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  • Lorrie Paige

    Clinton is not vegan; he admits to eating meat on special occasions.

    • Faye Volcy

      He just cheats every now and then as a lot of vegetarians and vegans do,

      • *F.A.A.R.M.

        Well then they are not vegetarians or vegans. Those words mean something. If a person deliberately wants to cheat than they are omnivorous.

      • Faye Volcy

        No perfect people in the world. His health is much improved and that is what matters.

  • Picaboca

    copied and pasted from another article – wow