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Gideon Raff, the creator of fan favorite show “Homeland”, teamed up with PETA to ask the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) to stop using animals in fatal animal-based trauma-training exercises.

In their recent initiative to shine light on the cruel practices, PETA reported that, “British surgeons took part in drills in which live pigs were lined up at a firing range and shot with high-velocity bullets. Eighteen pigs sustained life-threatening multi-organ injuries and bone fractures in the archaic exercise, which took place between 6 and 8 November in Jaegerspris Kaserne. Animals who didn’t die during the exercise were later killed.”

Raff wrote to Secretary of State for Defence Philip Hammond, “Having served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), I have the utmost concern for the health and security of the heroic service members- like those portrayed on my shows Homeland and Prisoners of War-who risk their lives to protect our safety and freedom. But the UK Ministry of Defence is not saving lives by having military doctors sew up live animals whose bodies have been torn apart by bullets from high-powered rifles. I am troubled that this violence still goes on when more humane and effective ways of training medics and doctors are available, so I have joined PETA’s campaign to end this cruel practice.”

According to PETA, over three quarters of the UK’s NATO allies have stated they do not use animals in military training. Head over to PETA to contact the MoD and let them know how you feel about them shooting helpless animals only to have them stitched back up and then killed.

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