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by Ali Berman
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Photo: KFC Australia

In a very strange turn of events, former PETA ally and (we think still) vegetarian, Benji Madden and his brother Joel Madden, members of the band Good Charlotte, are the new spokesmen for KFC in Australia.

Considering PETA says on their website that Benji has attended a series of demonstrations asking the public to boycott KFC, it’s bizarre that he’s now asking Australians to join him at the fast food joint for good times.

PETA said in a statement about the strange partnership between the Madden brothers and KFC, “It is irresponsible for anyone to be a spokesperson for a fast food company. We hope that the guys in Good Charlotte consider the effects of their decision on human health, the environment and animals before they sign their next endorsement deals.”

Benji certainly used to be on the side of the farm animal. He said back in 2008, “I have a proud feeling every time, you know, I’m at a restaurant or every time I’m at somewhere and I say, you know, I don’t eat meat…it’s definitely not like a thing, something you’ll be ashamed of.”

We have a hard time believing the Good Charlotte brothers would team up with KFC because they are such big fans of the company. Known for their chicken, it’s not like Benji would have even tasted it. That leaves one other motivation for the strange partnership. (We’re speculating here.) Cold hard cash. How much money would it take for you to sell out?

Watch the boys do their worst as they work the drive through below.

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  • Anthony Anderson

    money is their god


    Never heard of these guys before this article, but judging from their quote and photo they seem like f&cking idiots. Rich idiots, but idiots nonetheless. I guess Aussie celebrities can be just as worthless as American ones.

    • Kylie Ann

      you have never seen or heard of these guys before but are judging by what you are seeing / reading in one media article … Who’s the f&cking idiot now??

      • TDNYC

        Ha. I appreciate ur attn to detail on ‘f&cking’. FACT is I trust this source, and you’re not exactly denying their ties to KFC. I called them idiots bc they look and talk(albeit one quote) like idiots. The word ‘tools’ also jumps to mind, or if in the UK, ‘gobshites'(prob incorrect spelling). I appreciate ur discourse, and I am certainly a f&cking idiot in many ways. But never a sellout.

    • xander

      they are American celebrities fool, not Australian.

      as you said, you dont know what you are talking about.

      • TDNYC

        Xander, don’t misquote me, but thx, when I need an idiot to correct me about celebs that are tools I will get back to you.

      • xander

        I apologise for misquoting, here is a verbatim copy of your written words…”guess Aussie celebrities can be just as worthless as American ones.”

        So i guess that was an invitation to be corrected then. chin up tiger, don’t be glum…

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  • Vegan Capitalist

    Purely from a musical perspective, Good Charlotte sucks and always has. Looks like they’ll do anything for some income.

  • Juta Stokes

    I don’t think “vegetarian” means what they think it means. I’m vegan, but people still ask me, “But you still eat chicken, right?” Um. No.