Megan Fox dropped 23 pounds of baby weight by cutting out dairy.
by China DeSpain
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Megan Fox has her body back, and last week she rocked a form-fitting white lace dress to prove it.

In her first public appearance since giving birth to baby Noah in September, the actress and her hubby, Brian Austin Green, appeared at the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies event on December 7. It’s safe to say Fox looked stunning.

Her secret to dropping 23 pounds of baby weight? Cutting out dairy.

Just last year, the actress, a former vegan, gave up her animal-free lifestyle in order to gain weight. At the time, she said, “For a year and a half, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, no bread, sugar and coffee. But I had lost too much weight. So now I eat a bit of everything.”

But it seems that she returned to her roots — at least somewhat — in order to get back down to size.

Fox recently explained, “I’m not eating dairy, that’s my biggest secret. It’s really hard on your hormones and it’s not good. If you want to gain weight, eat dairy. If you don’t, don’t eat it.”

But it’s not just an improved diet — and here’s hoping she keeps cutting out animal products — that helped her shed the weight.

In addition to avoiding the white stuff, Fox has also been hitting the gym regularly with trainer Harley Pasternak. She stayed active throughout her pregnancy, so she was able to resume her routine — at a modified pace — shortly after Noah’s birth. For details on their workout plan (and a full-length shot of her outfit), check out Pasternak’s blog at

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  • Jacob_PhysioTrainer

    She is so right, neatbodies covered that in their belly fat book and it’s for good reasons (insulin).

    Other stuff that helps, remove body piercing and cut on grains.

  • Cassandra

    I also lost 25 pounds by going from vegetarian to vegan. I exercised and worked at it a littel after a while, but at first, I wasn’t trying to loose weight. I didn’t go hungry or diet. Loosing all the cheese jump started my metabolism. I kept it off w/o dieting for two years, too, before gaining a few, and now, loosing it again. I truly believe milk & cheese is the worst thing we can eat for our weight. It was hard at first, but gets much easier. I think about images of cows and the wight I’ve lost.