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Tom Hardy in Talks for Pit Bull Film 'Animal Rescue'

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Tom Hardy, who earlier this year was named as a co-producer on an upcoming animal-trafficking film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, is in talks to join Fox Searchlight’s “Animal Rescue.”

The film, which already has actress Noomi Rapace attached, is based upon a short story by author Dennis Lehane (“Shutter Island”, “Gone Baby Gone”). The story revolves around a down-on-his-luck bartender who finds a wounded Pit Bull puppy in a garbage can and decides to rescue him. Unfortunately, the puppy belongs to some criminal character who wants him back. Apparently, it all goes downhill from there. Here’s a snippet from the short story:

“First thing it did was take a shit in the dining room.

Bob didn’t even realize what it was doing at first. It started sniffing, nose scraping the rug, and then it looked up at Bob with an air of embarrassment. And Bob said, “What?” and the dog dumped all over the corner of the rug.

Bob scrambled forward, as if he could stop it, push it back in, and the puppy bolted, left droplets on the hardwood as it scurried into the kitchen.

Bob said, “No, no. It’s okay.” Although it wasn’t. Most everything in the house had been his mother’s, largely unchanged since she’d purchased it in the ’50s. That was shit. Excrement. In his mother’s house. On her rug, her floor.

In the seconds it took him to reach the kitchen, the puppy’d left a piss puddle on the linoleum. Bob almost slipped in it. The puppy was sitting against the fridge, looking at him, tensing for a blow, trying not to shake.

And it stopped Bob. It stopped him even as he knew the longer he left the shit on the rug, the harder it would be to get out.

Bob got down on all fours. He felt the sudden return of what he’d felt when he first picked it out of the trash, something he’d assumed had left with Nadia. Connection. He suspected they might have been brought together by something other than chance.

He said, “Hey.” Barely above a whisper. “Hey, it’s all right.” So, so slowly, he extended his hand, and the puppy pressed itself harder against the fridge. But Bob kept the hand coming, and gently lay his palm on the side of the animal’s face. He made soothing sounds. He smiled at it. “It’s okay,” he repeated, over and over.”

Undoubtedly, there’s going to be a lot of criminal drama wrapped around this story – but I’m liking the connection between Bob and the puppy. There’s also a great early scene that delves deeper into the dire situation facing Pit Bulls in animal shelters – and with society in general. This could be one of those films that does a lot to erase some of the stigma associated with the breed.

Look for “Animal Rescue” to start filming next March.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

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  • 123tl78

    Sounds like a great idea to me. Thanks to Tom Hardy and thanks for letting us know about this potential film. Fingers crossed.

  • handsome bob

    Just another reason to love Tom Hardy!!!!

  • Pascale

    can’t wait to read about all the pit bull attacks on set

    • Fayclis

      Don’t hold your breath. Michael Vicks dogs have in loving homes for YEARS now and four are now certified therapy dogs working in seniors homes and schools. Oh and there are MILLIONS of these “types” of dogs living peacefully in great homes ALL over North America. It’s the bigot’s and irresponsible owners (thank goodness they are rare) that cause problems.

  • Georgina Morales Hampe

    Oh, i have a HUGE crush on Mr. Hardy and his big, soft heart makes it very difficult for me not to be completely and totally smitten. I will be looking forward for this movie and i hope it is a huge success.

  • I could definitely see Mr. Hardy as Bob. Hope he signs on and helps show these dogs for the wonderful beautiful creatures they truly are.

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