Ian Somerhalder's new film "Time Framed" brings clean energy to light
by Allyson Koerner
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Photo: Time Framed Facebook

Ian Somerhalder looks to be channeling a very sexy James Bond-esque character all while protecting the environment in his new film “Time Framed.”

The movie, which is actually six short films, gives Somerhalder the chance to step away from his vampire roots – he plays Damon Salvatore on “The Vampire Diaries” – and get into character as the gun-for-hire secret operative Agent Black.

Here’s the official synopsis from the film’s Facebook page:

Ian Somerhalder stars as Agent Black; a gun-for-hire secret operative. During his latest mission to stop the heist of a revolutionary clean energy device that brings free power to the world, he uncovers truths about control and corruption. We watch as Agent Black goes rogue in a chase around the world in a series of 6 short films. Directed by Sinisha Nisevic and created by his company, SinFactory Media, the stylized action sequence also features the legendary Seymour Cassel and introduces Xian Mikol and Melissa Miller, with other exciting cast members to appear in future episodes. Special thanks to our Executive Producers Ice Link Watches, Minx Nails and Tesla Motors.

From the trailer you get to see glimpses of Somerhalder kicking ass, looking gorgeous and trying to stop the best eco-invention of the century from falling into the wrong hands.

Another great element of the series – in addition to the amazing Somerhalder – is all proceeds go directly to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which benefits the planet and its creatures immensely thanks to the actor.

What more could you ask for in a film? For further information, visit the film’s official site.

We can’t wait to watch!

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  • RemyC

    Is this a web series? It doesn’t say…

    • jennifer robinson

      no one seems to have answers

  • jennifer robinson

    Allyson Koerner any idea when it will be released? How it will be viewed? The web, netflix only, tv, which statione, etc..?