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Help Fund the Animal Rescue Superhero Comic Book 'Liberator'

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We got word this week of a fantastic Kickstarter campaign underway for a comic book project focused on animal rescue superheros. Spearheaded by activist Matt Miner of BSLnews.org and veteran comic book artist Joel Gomez, the initial four-part series has already been picked up by a mainstream publisher. All that’s needed now is for the creators to fund the remainder of the art needed – hence, the $18,000 campaign goal.

If all goes well, Miner hopes to take the profits from his piece of the project to help fund his independent pit bull rescue work in Rockaways, NY.

In love with the idea, I recently contacted Miner and asked him a few questions regarding the project.

Ecorazzi: What made you decide to take this approach?

Miner: After becoming vegan and reading more about the issues and the different types of activists who take up the cause to help animals, I learned of the animal liberation underground movement.

What really resonated with me is that these activists don’t actually hurt anyone but they put on masks and save animals in the middle of the night – as a lifelong comic book reader this sounded to me like Batman, but for animals! Since then I really thought it’d make a great premise for a comic book.

From Issue 1 (unlettered): Damon shares a moment with a rescued fighting dog

Ecorazzi: Are you planning on turning into comic form any real-life activists out there making a difference for animals?

Miner: The two heroes of Liberator are loosely based on a combination of people I know, people I’ve only read about, me, and my friends. The aspects of aboveground protests in the book come from my personal experience while I had to read and research to learn about the rest.

There’s nobody in the book that’s specifically any one real-life person, because the heroes of Liberator could be anyone. Anybody with the fire in their heart to do what’s right and the courage to take action can be a hero.

Ecorazzi: Tell us about your animal rescue efforts in Rockaways, NY.

Miner: The Rockaways are known for their companion animal abuse problems – it’s common to find starved dogs tied up and abandoned, dog fighting victims discarded, and cats and dogs bludgeoned to death. Since Hurricane Sandy it seems to be worse, as people have evacuated and left their animals behind.

My wife, a couple close friends and I work on rescue and care for the animals out here that nobody wants. If we can take them, we do, and they get veterinary care and a chance at a loving forever home. We also run BSLnews.org, a website dedicated to battling harmful and fallacious pit bull stereotypes and breed-specific legislation.

You can check out a five-page preview of “Liberator” over on Bleeding Cool here. To participate in making this comic book series a reality, hit the Kickstarter campaign here. A video from Matt explaining more about his rescue efforts and the project itself is below.

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