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Want a photo with the down-to-earth country star?  It’ll cost you – but for a good cause.  Miranda Lambert is using photo ops with fans as a way to benefit shelter pooches via her MuttNation Foundation.

Multi-talented Lambert, who in addition to singing and recording, runs her own shop, The Pink Pistol, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, admits that she is regularly bombarded with requests for photos while she’s working. “I’m constantly moving merchandise and working the soda fountain, and if I get stopped and asked for a picture, it’d go crazy if I did everybody,” she said.

Lambert devised a novel solution to the age-old celebrity problem of being spread too thin.  “I ask for $100 donation to my Muttnation Foundation” for each photo request in the shop.

So far, her creative approach has raised $2,500 for the Foundation’s work to provide responsible guardianship education, spay-neuter programs, and animal rescue and adoption support.  But she wants her fans to know, this isn’t some celebrity ploy to fund next season’s wardrobe: “I don’t ever want the perception of people thinking I’m charging money for my photo.  It’s definitely not for me – it’s all for the animals.”

The singer, who lives on a ranch with husband Blake Shelton in Oklahoma, has seven dogs, all with southern-themed names, and regularly fosters animals through her Foundation.  She also encourages her fans to rescue companion animals by posting an adoptable “Mutt of the Week” from the Tishomingo shelter via her Twitter.

Not going to be in Tishomingo anytime soon?  You can still support the MuttNation Foundation’s work by making a donation.

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