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by Ali Berman
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Photo: Animals Asia

Last October Animals Asia was fighting against an eviction notice, desperately petitioning the Vietnamese government not to kick them off of the land they had built into a sanctuary for 104 bears.

Back in 2005 Animals Asia had come to an agreement with the government that they could use the land to build a permanent sanctuary for 200 endangered bears who had been rescued from bear bile farms.

At the time Ricky Gervais had tweeted about it, asking the public to email the government to “save the bears from this cruel eviction.”

Those bears can now rest easy and settle in. The bear sanctuary has been saved! Animals Asia writes, “This decision ensures that the 104 bears living at the centre that have been rescued from the bile industry will stay, 77 local Vietnamese staff keep their jobs, and Animals Asia who fund and operate the centre will not suffer the financial losses of US $2 million as previously feared.”

Gervais, a known supporter of Animals Asia and of bears rescued from bear bile farms, tweeted his excitement about the good news.

Founder and CEO of Animals Asia, Jill Robinson, said, “Our priority has been to rehabilitate these bears after their years of trauma from being locked up in small cages and milked for their bile. If we had been forced to relocate it would have had a terrible impact on their wellbeing. We want to sincerely thank the tens of thousands of supporters from around the world who wrote letters, sent e-mails and signed petitions calling for the eviction to be stopped.”

Now, Animals Asia can move forward with their expansion project to make room for even more bears.

To celebrate, let’s watch a video of two bears rescued by Animals Asia as they play. It gets really good at the 42 second mark.

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