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by Ali Berman
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Kissing babies doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. In 2010 republican nominee Rick Scott made a big fuss on his facebook page about adopting a Labrador retriever. However, by January of 2011, it seems that the pooch was no longer with the governor.

The politician had thrilled animal lovers by choosing a rescue pooch over a store bought dog. But now, those same animal lovers are furious that the adoption has the stink of potentially being a political move instead a genuine desire to make a new life for Reagan.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that journalists started to notice that Reagan, the rescue Lab, hadn’t been seen in photos for months and months. Last week someone from the News Service of Florida asked the governor’s current and former communications directors what happend to the dog, but they would not answer.

Reporters got quite the run around before being handed over to Scott’s communications director Melissa Sellers. Her response was that she was too busy to find out an answer to the question. As if finding out if the governor still had the same dog was some great difficulty.

Finally, the governor said on Monday, “He was a rescue dog. And he couldn’t be around anybody that was carrying anything, and so he wouldn’t get better.”

Not all rescue matches work out. Sometimes a dog needs a quieter space than something like a governor’s mansion. However, it’s the secrecy and desire not to answer questions about Reagan that make his appearance and then disappearance seem like he was used as a political tool instead of a loving family companion.

Where is Reagan now? Hard to say. But about a year ago he was returned to a Naples company called All Pets Grooming and Boarding. We hope the pup found greener (and kinder) pastures with a new family.

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  • Steve Smith

    Too bad the voters can’t return Scott back to Illinois where he came from. But in 2 years we WILL fire him from his State Company.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alan-Gold/1334413633 Alan Gold

    It’s Rick Scott. Therefore, it’s not all that surprising, sadly enough.