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red hot chili peppers sea shepherdred hot chili peppers sea shepherd

Red Hot Chili Peppers Dedicate Upcoming Shows to Sea Shepherd

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For their upcoming performances as the headlining act for Australia’s multi-day Big Day Out festival, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have decided to dedicated their shows to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

More than just out shout-out, the band will also incorporate “digital visuals” from Sea Shepherd Australia into the video backdrop behind the stage.

Of course, fans of the rock group will find none of this surprising as RHC has long supported the conservation group’s actions. “The Red Hot Chili Peppers are longtime supporters of Sea Shepherd, Captain Watson and the wonderful work they do to save our ocean and protecting marine wildlife globally,” the group wrote last year in urging the German authorities to stop the extradition of Captain Paul Watson to Costa Rica.

Not only does bassist Flea regularly attend fundraiser’s for the SSCS, but look closely at the Sea Shepherd’s Board of Directors and you’ll also see lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis listed.

The Big Day Out, which includes additional acts such as The Killers, Band of Horses, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, takes place in five Australian cities (Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth) over five days.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

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  • Rick

    A reason to love the Chili Peppers even more!

  • Inga

    What a shame! Sea Shepherd are nothing but racists. In some countries it is a long tradition to eat whales. They do eat whales but they are also very careful not to make whales extinct. Sea Shepherd does’t understand it and commits terrorism. What do you think Australian killing kangaroos?

    • Wildhorse

      Yes, in Australia we kill and eat Kangaroo. Emu too. We’re up front and honest about it. We call it ‘farming’. What we don’t do is trespass in the sovereign territory of other countries to do it; we don’t hunt them down and slaughter them in national parks and other places of sanctuary; and we don’t insult the international community by trying to pass the practice off as ‘scientific research’. And for your further education, kangaroos exist in plague numbers in most areas. Are you seeing any points of major difference yet? Good on you RHCP!!

    • Ted

      Tradition is a piss poor reason to do something. Slavery, female circumcision, and child rape are traditions in some countries. Is it racist to want those ended? Whales are an endangered species, and are a highly developed and intelligent mammal. Wanting whaling to end is not racist; it is simply good policy.

    • CJ

      Inga please go buy a dictionary and look up terrorism, tradition & racism! I’ve never read that working to conserve & protect ecosystems and species equates to terrorism or racism or that tradition means something is right, Ted gives a reasonable explanation as to why! Namaste!

    • Dorothy R

      Whales are a protected species. It is against the law to kill them, but Japan kills thousands every year, and Sea Shepard is the racist? You obviously do not know the meaning of the word racist. Sea Shepard is protecting the whales of the world from illegal killing in a whale sanctuary by the Japanese. Nothing more. Upholding the laws set forth by the world.

    • Karl Malloy

      Inga don’t listen to them, you are right. It’s not racism, though, it’s cultural imperialism. Ted cites human rights violations rather than animal issues, of course the two are completely different – otherwise Hindus could come to the US and stop all cattle farming. The others don’t have any clue at all about the law – or the fact that the former head of the International Whaling Convention, whose code Japan is accused of breaking, Dr. Ray Gambell, has said:

      I have to say at the outset that Japan is not doing anything illegal by catching the whales that it does and it is acting legally within the terms of the Convention that we operate.
      One of the things that we are working on at the present time is inspection and
      international observer programmes that will have oversight of any whaling which is under IWC control, to make sure that all regulations are followed covering areas such as size and species.

  • Walter Tuti Solano

    Animals eaters are the piece of shit on earth, that’s all.

  • Humans are raping and pillaging the planet and commenters are more angry about Sea Shepherd than the killing of whales with harpoons. Way to go RHCP!

  • John Hill

    I had no idea RHCP supported terrorism and piracy. Why not to a tribute show for the Arabians that died on 9/11 or for the Somalians that died during the last botched hostage taking?

    • Traitors in DC

      John you are a perfect example of an ill informed, sociopath who has the compassion of a rock!

    • Dorothy R

      Terrorism? Obviously you do not know what you are talking about John. It is illegal to hunt whales, yet Japan kills thousands, and to boot as a kick in the teeth to the rest of the world who obey the laws, they kill in a whale sanctuary! So do your research………..Sea Shepard are the only people defending the laws of the world, set forth from the worlds governments. But Japan does not care about laws. They do not apply to them.

    • Misinformed beyond the point of reason.

  • Greg

    A great cause taken up by a great band. We need to respect our earth and its oceans. Let’s hope that one day the human race will see sense and stop this pointless killing.

  • This is a great band!!

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