For Betty White's 91st birthday, a boa constrictor at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens was adopted in her name.
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It’s an age-old question: What do you get for the woman who has everything? Well, in the case of funny lady and animal lover Betty White, the answer is a snake.

White turned 91 on Thursday, and in honor of the milestone, the Lifeline Program (for whom she serves as spokesperson) adopted a boa constrictor in her honor.

The snake, a red-tailed boa named Jacob, has been a friend of White’s for a while; according to People, the pair first met on the set of a music video that benefited the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, where Jacob lives.

“Jacob the boa constrictor is good as gold and cuddles in my arms and around my neck,” said White.

It’s a perfect present for White, and the actress hopes the animal welfare birthday gifts don’t stop with Jacob. White is asking her fans will donate to the Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to animal health science. The foundation has spent more than $70 million in health studies for cats, dogs, horses and wildlife. For her birthday, White hopes to raise $10,000 for the organization.

“Animals are near and dear to my heart, and I’ve devoted my life to trying to improve their lives. Since a girl like me already has more than I could hope for, I’m asking fellow animal lovers for a special birthday gift this year.

“If you love animals like I do, please make a gift to Morris Animal Foundation today, and then ask five of your friends to support science that will make the world a brighter place for animals. If you can’t give now, please considering sharing this page with your animal-loving friends. It would make a golden girl like me very happy!” she wrote.

Here’s hoping her wish comes true. Happy birthday, Betty!

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