monopoly dog
by Ali Berman
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Photo: Mark Strozier

PETA has always found interesting ways to get the word out about animal protection issues. Whether it’s a controversial ad, nude celebs fighting fur, or men dancing around with vegetable genitals, PETA’s tactic is to get media attention so people will learn about the issues behind the stunts.

Their latest proposal is for the makers of the game Monopoly. Monopoly is going through some changes. One of the traditional game tokens (you know, the top hat, dog, thimble, racecar…) will be retired. Fans get to vote on which one to save, and then vote which new piece should be added to the game.

Right now with over 61,000 votes, the “Scottie dog” is the clear favorite and won’t be the one to get the axe. But, PETA is asking that while Monopoly is already making changes, why not rename the dog so that he or she is known as “rescue mutt” instead.

Wouldn’t it be adorable to see kids playing with and fighting over who gets to be the rescue mutt? I’m not sure anyone actually knew that the real name of the dog piece was “Scottie dog” but we’re definitely for trying to make rescue animals all the rage in pop culture staples such as Monopoly.

PETA’s ultimate advice, whether the piece gets its name changed or not, is to always rescue. They write on their website, “Please never buy any animal from a breeder or pet store. Instead, give a shelter mutt a “Chance”—you’ll gain a wonderful companion while also helping to alleviate animal overpopulation, which causes so much misery.”

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