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Ellen DeGeneres surprises Kristen Bell with sloth named LolaEllen DeGeneres surprises Kristen Bell with sloth named Lola

WATCH: Ellen Surprises Kristen Bell with Lola the Sloth

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Do you recall Kristen Bell’s meltdown when her fiance Dax Shepard surprised her with a sloth on her birthday? She basically lost it, because she loves sloths. Well, Ellen DeGeneres surprised the actress with another sloth named Lola, on her talk show that aired yesterday.

Bell didn’t sob uncontrollably like the first time, but she was tickled pink.”Oh, Lola! Oh, Lola!” Bell exclaimed.

During the sloth excitement, the two discussed some interesting sloth facts. For example, did you know sloths hang upside down all the time and only climb down once a week to go to the bathroom? Who knew?!

Bell thinks that’s just great and said, “Sometimes going to the bathroom is a big waste of time.”

As Bell sat in awe, Ellen got serious and said, “This [sloth] is kind of a representative/an ambassador to remind everybody about deforestation, because we’re losing these guys.”

Ellen also gave Bell another surprise – this time for the baby – to which the “House of Lies” star replied jokingly, “Who cares about the baby.”

Thanks to Ellen, Bell walked away with a basket full of sloth baby gifts, including a sloth outfit.

“Do you think it’s inappropriate if I ask the doctor to go right from here (points to belly) and into this (points to sloth costume), before it’s even on my chest?!”

Watch Bell in action here. She is hilarious and adorable!

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  • Whitmer

    Both of them are always so adorable! Has Kristen kept veggie while pregnant?

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