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mayim bialik 2013 sag awardsmayim bialik 2013 sag awards

The SAG Awards Vegan Dish Basically Ruined Mayim Bialik's Evening

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Remember last week when Portlandia spoofed on the power of raw vegan food to sometimes make us all feel a bit bloated? Yea, well, during the SAG Awards last night, “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik appears to have experienced something similar.

In a hilarious and frank “tell-all” on her website, the 37-year-old dished on everything from preparing for the awards, to walking the red carpet, to spying famous folks during the show. If you ever wanted an insider look at an awards’ show from the perspective of another celebrity, this is your best bet. Where else can you get lines like this?

“The photo part of the carpet went better than I expected, mostly because I wasn’t right after or before someone super duper famous,” she writes. “If that happens, basically no one takes your picture because they are looking for a shot of the person ahead of you or behind you and you smile and keep walking and it can be unbearable (this happened to me at last year’s Twilight premiere, actually).”

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And what about that vegan option we praised the SAG organizers for including this year. Turns out, it was heavy on the Portlandia.

“There was a vegan meal, and it was… exotic,” she shared. “There was some barley that tasted so much like Kasha that maybe it was. Also there was some tiny adorable couscous with pomegranate seeds and cauliflower, and then there was broccoli with pine nuts. Let’s just lay it down right here and now, no holds barred, I am just being totally honest: something I ate made me so incredibly bloated that my lovely Thomas Knoell jeweled belt (which Ali selected well before Michelle Obama wore one to the inauguration!) dug so deep into my waist and ribs that it became painful to sit. Or stand. Or walk. All I could picture was unzipping that dress. So I skipped the after party and tried to unzip my dress in the privacy of the limo, just for some relief, please! Well, picture my weak right hand. And the angle involved. And the tightness of the dress. You guessed it: it wouldn’t unzip. It caught on the inside lining right at the waist. I was stuck.”

You can read the rest of Bialik’s account here – but let’s hope the SAG Awards change up their menu for next year. Otherwise, we’re betting Mayim will brown bag it. Check out a pick of her gorgeous dress below.

mayim bialik 2013 sag awards large

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  • Dazzle59

    Why is it so hard for chefs to come up with a decent vegan meal? I have been vegan for 22 years and am crashingly bored with the standard “vegetable plate” that I receive at sit-down dinner events. C’mon chefs – you pride yourselves on being creative, so please do a better job for your vegan guests. Give us an imaginative, well-rounded plate with some well-prepared plant protein (yes, tofu and tempeh need to be marinated first), along with a whole grain and a vegetable side. And I beg you, no more rubbery bell peppers stuffed with quinoa!

    • jwmort

      Here is my dilemma, I live in the South, where everything is fried or smothered in gravy, and their concept of a vegetarian meal is eating the side items that are vegetables “just the bacon out of the green beans hun” or “I’ll bring you a big house salad, that is what vegetarians eat right?”

  • WindyCindy

    Why didn’t she just fart. All good vegans should just do it.

  • 1bestdog

    The day they put a Vegan Top Chef on television is when chefs will actually try to figure out vegan cooking. The time has come: who will be first?

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