Vegan blogger Victoria Moon Erickson reported missing in Houston, Texas
by Allyson Koerner
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A vegan blogger named Victoria Moon Erickson has vanished, and her family is asking for your help, reports.

Apparently, the 31-year-old was traveling across the United States blogging about plant-based diets and healthier lifestyles, when she disappeared in Houston, Texas.

She arrived in Houston on Jan. 16 at Pat Greer’s Kitchen located at W. Clay. The eatery is well-known for its raw vegan dishes sold at farmer’s markets and other areas.

According to Greer, Erickson visited her kitchen for something to eat, and the last time she saw her was on Monday, Jan. 14. Greer also gave the vegan blogger a job in her kitchen and a room to sleep. She was living in her car with her dog, Jet.

Erickson’s belongings including her dog, her car, her computer, her cell, her wallet and license, were left unattended behind Greer’s establishment and found on Jan. 21, with no sight of Erickson.

“I think maybe she’s really opted to leave, to leave her life,” Greer said. It seems Erickson showed signs of emotional turmoil, anxiety and stress.

Erickson’s family, who reside in Atlanta, Ga., has taken to social media, in order to find her. According to her foster brother, Paul Samford, he describes her as a “loner.”

“When she and I would talk about any of those kinds of things, I would let her know that I didn’t think that was the safest, greatest idea. But she’s fearless. She’s just fearless. She always has been,” Samford said. “We are extremely concerned you know. And we’re just asking that anybody that has got any kind information to get in contact with the police.”

Greer and her staff checked local hospitals, but didn’t find Erickson.

A missing person’s report has been filed, but if you have further information, visit Reddit and Permission to Heal. Click here, for current photos of Erickson.

Our thoughts are with Erickson’s family, and we hope she is found safe and sound.

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  • Meech!

    I don’t think a vegan would abandon a dog. Such a horrible thought that she would be abducted. I hope beyond hope that she’s found. :(

  • Me-Myself Missy

    This is so very horrible. I am sickened at the thought of what may have happened to her. I hope she is found unharmed. I am sharing this on my Facebook page. I hope others will do the same to help this young lady and her family.