Missing vegan blogger Victoria Moon Erickson reportedly spotted and has changed identity
by Allyson Koerner
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Photo: permissiontoheal.org/profile/victoriamoon

Yesterday, we reported that vegan blogger Victoria Moon Erickson was missing. New reports by KHOU.com are saying that Erickson has been spotted and may have even changed her identity.

Erickson went missing while traveling across the country promoting veganism, and was reported missing on Jan. 21. Reportedly, she has been spotted twice, once in Austin, Texas and once in Carlsbad, N.M.

According to Erickson’s father, William, she visited a friend in Austin. The friend had no clue Erickson was “missing,” and gave her a lift toward El Paso. When this same friend asked Erickson about her family and belongings, she responded with “that stuff belongs to Vicky and I’m not Vicky anymore,” and that she needed to get to California.

The friend dropped Erickson off at a truck stop, where she hitched a ride with a trucker in New Mexico. The truck driver said the woman he helped matched Erickson’s description.

Her family is extremely concerned, and Erickson’s twin sister, Cat, said, “My sister is unpredictable. She is an adventurer and very strong and a survivor.”

Erickson also told her sister she met a man online, which caused Cat to voice concern, “One of our last conversations, literally one of the last, was I told her is ‘I think you’re online too much.’ So I may have helped plant a seed that says go off the grid.”

The vegan blogger is said to be suffering from lingering effects of a traumatic brain injury and PTSD-like symptoms from an abusive childhood.

Her family and the Houston police are asking anyone who has information to please call 713-884-3131.

Once again, we hope Erickson is safe and her family can find some peace of mind.

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    Come back, Vicky, we vegans need you!