sea shepherd intercepts whalers
by Michael dEstries
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It’s been an unusually long time coming, but Sea Shepherd has finally announced that they’ve made contact with the Japanese whaling fleet. And based on location, the group ascertains that this intercept likely comes before a single harpoon has been fired.

“The Yushin Maru 3 was on a westerly course, indicating that the fleet has been in bad weather for the past several days,” said Jean Yves Terlain, Captain of the fast interceptor vessel the SSS Brigitte Bardot. “The latitude at which they were found was rather far north and given that the large concentrations of whales are found further south closer to the Antarctic Continent, where there are high concentrations of krill. This would indicate that they have not yet begun whaling.”

Only a few hours later, the organization announced that they had also found the big prize – the factory vessel Nisshin Maru, nicknamed the “Cetacean Death Star.” All four Sea Shepherd ships were guarding the approaches to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and interception was made before the fleet could enter the killing area.

Co-Campaign Leader Bob Brown stated, “The first 24 hours of contact with the whale poachers have been a victory for Sea Shepherd and a complete loss for the Japanese whaling fleet. I am delighted to report that not a single whale has been harmed so far. Go Sea Shepherd!”

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  • Eduardo sanchez

    What’s with this “Go Sea Shepherd!” business? It’s very lame.

    Anyway, what happens now given the US court in junction? Will there be any of Sea Shepherd’s trademark ship rammings and acid projectiles? Given that the US is one of the very few safe havens remaining for Paul Watson (due to their reluctance to extradite their own citizens), violating that injunction could be a doosey. Somehow I don’t think that Paul will risk his own well being for the ’cause’. Will the next season of Whale Wars simply be a bunch of Sea Shepherd goons holding up signs from afar? Let’s see.

    • Ashley

      He is not violating the injunction because Sea Shepherd Australia is in charge of the campaign, none of the ships are American-flagged vessels, and all 4 captains are not American. Paul has stepped down from all roles in Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd Australia and is only an observer on the ship. The US has no power over foreign flagged vessels in international waters.

      • Eduardo sanchez

        The injunction actually prevents Paul Watson and anyone acting in concert with him from attacking the Japanese vessels. Paul is involved in the operation of the MV Steve Irwin, which is of course acting in concert with all the other Sea Shepherd vessels. So it could be very problematic for Paul if they do indeed attack. And given that he’s already surrendered his passport, been arrested in Germany and skipped bail, and had two Interpol Red Notices issued for him, I think more problems are the last thing that Paul needs right now.

      • Ashley

        Nobody is acting in concert with him as he is no longer a part of Sea Shepherd. He is not involved in the operation of the MV Steve Irwin. He is essentially a journalist documenting the campaign and is in no way leading or making decisions about what they do.

      • Ryohei Uchida

        Do you actually believe any of what you say or are you just spieling out nonsense?