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Personally, I don’t watch the Super Bowl. But that little fact doesn’t stop me from loving the kinds of foods one might find at a Super Bowl party. So this Sunday, while I might be watching ads instead of plays, I’ll definitely be noshing on this easy delicious four layer dip.


As for putting it together, amounts will depend on the size of the dish you want to use. From personal experience, I can say it’s popular, so I recommend a larger baking dish.


1. Take your refried beans and spread them across the bottom of your dish until even. (About a half an inch)

2. Spread your guacamole over the refried beans until even. (Again, about a half inch)

3. Sprinkle the non-dairy shredded cheese over the guacamole in an even layer. (Not too thick. Just enough to lightly cover the guacamole.)

4. For this last layer, I recommend using a large spoon to scoop out the salsa and then place it gently on top of the cheese until you have an even layer over the entire dish. (If you pour the salsa out, you might accidentally pour too much in one area.) Make sure not to get a salsa that’s too watery.

The key to a four layer dip is making sure you have distributed each ingredient evenly so when someone dips in their chip, they are getting a bit of everything.

Your vegan and omnivorous friends will both enjoy this creation equally. Enjoy!

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