Bob Barker strongly against Wyoming bill, which protects animal abusers and could prevent undercover investigations
by Allyson Koerner
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Bob Barker is once again standing up for animals, after Wyoming announced a new bill that could potentially protect animal abusers, PETA reports.

If passed, House Bill (H.B.) 126 is set to protect animal abusers in the agricultural industry from punishment and from law enforcement.

Barker finds this ridiculous and he is pleading with the Senate to reject the bill. He’s hoping as a lifelong Republican to have some sway with the majority Republican lawmakers.

“Americans today want better treatment of animals killed for food, not for their legislators to hide illegal cruelty on farms behind locked doors. Over the last few years, I’ve been joined by figures from all walks of life, from Republican strategist Mary Matalin to animal welfare expert Temple Grandin, in opposing bills similar to H.B. 126, and legislators have listened, as such bills have died or been tabled by sponsors in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, and Tennessee as well as Arkansas, the second-largest poultry-producing state in the nation,” Barker says in his letter.

The bill could also “prevent undercover investigators from collecting evidence of routine and systematic animal abuse on farms that is crucial in helping prosecute abusers.”

As most know, such undercover investigations have stopped animal cruelty including beatings and mutilations.

If you want to join Barker in his stance, click here to take action.

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  • Ray Tajoma

    Evil Child Torturing Legislatures burn alive in eternal pain.

  • Carol Thompson

    why in the HELL would people want a bill like that?? thats just nuts!!

  • maxiemom

    This just tells you that they KNOW there’s a HUGE problem with animal abuse on their farms / ranches in Wyoming and they don’t want it exposed.

    I wonder how many of those legislators are part of the problem, just as they were in other states?