two leg cat
by Ali Berman
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Seven years ago Caffrey, a grey Persian cat, was hit by a car and lost his left hind leg. With proper medical care and the ability to adjust to his disability, he went about his life, doing all the things a four legged cat would do.

Then, about four months ago at the age of ten years old it was discovered he had a malignant growth on his front left leg. His guardian Sue Greaves didn’t want to put him down or put him through the pain of chemotherapy when there was no guarantee it would work. She advocated for a different option: to remove the leg.

According to The Daily Mail, Greaves’ veterinarian consulted with other vets who all said that if his front left leg was amputated, the cat would not be able to walk. Quality of life would be an issue.

Greaves apparently knew that Caffrey was one remarkable feline because the two legged cat (with both remaining legs on the right side) is now maneuvering around like he’s been doing it his whole life.

Greaves said about the remarkable recovery, “Everyone who sees him is astonished at what he can do. He doesn’t seem bothered at all by having only two legs.”

Check out the spectacular video below.

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    Amazing! But
    Do you will not be up with the prosthesis in this cat?