Vegan dating advice and tips from Alicia Silverstone for Valentine's Day
by Allyson Koerner
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Happy Valentine’s Day! Just in time for Cupid’s big day, Alicia Silverstone is offering up free dating advice for vegans, and those looking for other plant-based lovers.

Silverstone says you don’t necessarily have to find someone who is already a vegan. It’s important to be open minded. On her website, The Kind Life, she says, “The jist is not to limit yourself to finding someone who is already a vegan. Be open to the person who is right for you.”

When the actress and vegan starting dating her husband neither were vegan, but here’s her advice if she was currently dating. “I’d like to think that I would be able to just be looking for a really amazing person, and then trust that that amazing person – once given all the wonderful information that we have to offer, about health and the planet and animals – that that person would be so compassionate and so intelligent and so brilliant that they’d want to jump on board, as much as they possibly could.”

She says do not show up on a first date and declare “I’m vegan. You need to be vegan too!” If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Remember, people can always change.

For those looking to meet people that are already vegan, Silverstone recommends taking a yoga class, going to a farmers market, volunteering at animal organizations and attending environmental events – to name a few.

The point is, be open minded to who you’re looking to meet and who you’re dating.

Here are some further tips from Silverstone about how to meet a veg partner; if you want to introduce your partner to a kind diet; and how not to turn them off from a kind lifestyle.

Silverstone also wants to hear from you! As vegans, she wants to know about your dating and relationship experiences. She’s created a short survey, so give Silverstone a helping hand.

Now, go have yourself a happy, healthy, plant-based Valentine’s Day!

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  • *F.A.A.R.M.

    Alicia Silverstone is not vegan. She, reportedly, said she eats dairy sometimes at parties….I think if a vegan is looking for marriage or any serious commitment they should look for a vegan or at least one who is seriously becoming vegan–going through the transition. Once you fall in love it’s too late, and if it happens to be with a non-vegan there will be consequences and issues in the marriage…Yes, the non-vegan may become a vegan later in the partnership but, like any psychologist will say, you should not go into a relationship thinking you are going to change someone; that usually means disaster in a relationship.