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Start Your Morning with This Carrot and Pear Juice

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By Aylin Erman, Istanbul-based creator and author of plant-based recipe blog GlowKitchen.

In the morning, I crave something sweet. I need to get that energy boost before I start my day or go outside for a run. Usually I’ll nosh on a piece of fruit, but sometimes I want to save the digestion and get the nutrients as directly as possible. That’s where a juice comes in. I’m a huge fan of green juices, but I sometimes keep things fruit-centric. This juice uses the earthy, albeit sweet, backdrop of carrots and the lightness of pears for a morning appropriate beverage. With a few dashes of cayenne, you’ll be sure to get yourself out the door in no time. Enjoy!

Check out why this is a glow-worthy morning tonic!

Carrot Juice: improves the function of the liver and digestive tract, contains cancer-preventative vitamin E, eases aches and pains associated with aging, improve eye sight, reverses bone disorder, is packed with cholesterol-fighting potassium, reduces fat and bile in the liver, tones and clears the skin, slows cell degeneration with its antioxidant content, and is an excellent source of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body.

Pear Juice: is high in antioxidants, helps guard against high blood pressure and stroke, improves digestion and stimulates regularity, improves immune system function, and contributes to bone health due t its copper, boron, and vitamin C content.

Cayenne: is a powerhouse! It rebuilds stomach tissues and stimulates digestion. It helps to relieve dyspepsia, reduce pain symptoms, heal skin conditions, lower the risk of cancer and relieve headaches. *Apparently a few drops of cayenne extract in the mouth is an effective emergency aid in the event of a heart attack. Cayenne pepper boosts circulation and increase heart action, so it may just do the trick! But let’s keep things preventative here…

Ingredients (1 serving)

2 carrots
2 pears
Squeeze of lemon
2 dashes of cayenne
Mint for garnish


In a juicer, process the carrots and pears.

Pour into a cub and with a spoon mix in the the cayenne and lemon.

Garnish and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

xo Aylin

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