dog rescued from trash
by Ali Berman
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We just love a happy ending. And thanks to Michael Upchurch, a garbage man in Indiana, a small pup now named Garby will live a long and safe life.

Upchurch was doing his rounds and picking up trash on Main Street. When he tipped one can into the trash he heard an indescribable sound, something resembling fear and whimpering. When he looked closer to inspect, he saw a small dog enclosed in a blue plastic bag. He ripped open the bag and freed Garby who barely had any energy to move.

Upchurch took Garby inside the truck, turned the heat up in order to warm the dog. He took him to the sanitation department and gave him a warm bed and care. The puppy then spent the day at the animal shelter where he healed up nicely, and was adopted by Upchurch and his wife.

Turns out, Garby’s previous owner believed the animal to be dead from parvo. Phil Peckinpaugh, the director of the animal shelter, spoke to the person who dumped the dog in the trash and said about the conversation, “Its blood sugar was so low that it had caused it to maybe pass out. She had the idea that the dog passed away because it wasn’t moving.” The dog had been starving, so was apparently not cared for at his previous home.

The story doesn’t end there for either party. Police are investigating the previous owner’s story, as sadly, she also thrown away two other puppies who may or may not have been dead. Thankfully, Garby (we assume short for garbage) was found and rescued.

Watch the video to see Garby and his rescuer. Heartwarming indeed.

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  • GeeEmm

    That woman should never, ever be allowed to have animals. or kids. Grrrrrrrr.

    • Lisa Clark

      I recommend some community service time for her–collecting garbage along the freeway.

  • Lisa Clark

    Michael Upchurch, you are a treasure. I wish you and Garby a long and happy life together. Thank you for caring!