Sophia Bush showcases H&M's Conscious line at Global Green's Pre-Oscar party
by Allyson Koerner
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Photo: Global Green

On Wednesday, fashion company H&M got in on Global Green USA‘s annual Pre-Oscar party by hosting the green event that supports the environment and a variety of causes that focus on improving our planet.

Celebs like Sophia Bush, Orlando Bloom and wife Miranda Kerr, Willie Nelson and Luke Perry, to name a few, gathered in support of Global Green and H&M.

This particular party, which was the 10th annual event for Global Green, had special meaning for H&M. Not only did the company sponsor the bash, but also launched its new global garment-recycling initiative.

The recycling project begins today allowing customers to exchange any used garments in each of H&M’s 269 U.S. stores and 48 markets globally. For each bag of clothing donated, customers will receive a voucher for a 15 percent discount off their next purchase.

H&M is the first fashion business to implement such a program, which helps save natural resources and avoid textile waste. Ken Spector from had a chance to chat with a representative from the company. Check out the video for the full story.

The party also featured an H&M Conscious lounge that highlighted its new eco-friendly clothing line called Conscious. Actress Bush was lucky enough to wear one of the outfits on the green carpet. Her three-piece ivory organic cotton suit (below) is stunning.

Sophia Bush showcases H&M's Conscious line at Global Green's Pre-Oscar party
“For many years Global Green has been setting a shining example of what it means to be a conscientious consumer and citizen,” Bush said. “To have H&M joining us in this fight, and helping to remind the world that chic and sustainable are in fact one-in-the-same, is such an exciting development! What an amazing opportunity we all have to be better to our ecosystems and communities every day.”

Thanks to funds raised by H&M, Global Green’s work will greatly benefit. For years, the organization has dedicated itself to not only supporting the environment, but also in rebuilding communities suffering from climate change, sea level rise and environmental damage from hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

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