Naomie Harris to wear sustainable gown designed by Red Carpet Green Dress contest winner to Academy Awards
by Michael dEstries
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Could recycled candy wrappers be coming to the Oscars red carpet?

“Skyfall” actress Naomie Harris, who we mentioned earlier will be wearing the winning sustainable design from the 4th annual Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge, has revealed this surprise material as a big part of the mix.

‘At the moment I am getting ready to attend the Oscars for the first time,” Harris told ES Magazine. “I’ve decided on an eco-dress made from sweet wrappers by Vivienne Westwood.”

As some might remember, Michael Badger – a Ghana-born designer currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA – won the chance to work with Westwood and her Couture team with his entry of a dress “inspired by a volcano and how lava flows.”

Suzy Amis Cameron, who founded the competition, revealed in a blog post some of the sustainable materials that will be used include “dyes from plants known for their therapeutic properties, fabric which is an organic GOTS certified organic silk Crepe De Chine, and some unique and beautiful vintage and recycled elements.”

Very cool to think that recycled candy wrappers will add a bit of spark to this lava-themed gown. Now the question is, what candy wrappers could pull off the necessary red?  Starbursts? What say you Ecoist?

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  • ShoptobeGreen

    Recycled candy wrapper dress at the Oscars. How cool!