Emily Deschanel raising baby Henry as vegetarian and in eco-friendly environment
by Allyson Koerner
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“Bones” actress Emily Deschanel is no stranger to living a green life, and why would she stray from what she knows, loves and trusts when it comes to her son, Henry?

For years she has maintained a vegan diet, and supported the environment in more ways than one. So, it’s really no secret that Deschanel is raising Henry as a vegetarian, and in a safe, non-toxic home.

“We are raising Henry vegetarian; he will be mostly vegan and always have a choice in the matter, but we will educate him about why we make the choices we do with our food. My husband isn’t one hundred percent vegan. I read ‘Disease-Proof Your Child’ by Dr. Fuhrman, and think it is a must-read for parents trying to raise a healthy child,” she explained.

Even while pregnant with her son, Deschanel stayed true to her cruelty-free diet, despite others criticisms.

Deschanel’s parenting goes much farther than focusing on Henry’s diet. As mentioned before, she makes sure to use the safest products.

“I am always on EWG’s [Environmental Working Group] Skin Deep website looking up products to use on Henry. It rates them so you know how toxic something is. I love Earth Mama Angel Baby. Their products are safe, smell amazing and actually work! I was already using natural products in my home and on my body, but having a child made me even more concerned about everything,” she said.

The animal-loving actress doesn’t leave her environmentalist at home, but brings it on the set of “Bones” too, “I always push for the animal and environmental issues being highlighted and when it is appropriate it finds its way into the show.”

She’s even hoping to direct an episode one day, but right now her focus is Henry.

“I would just have to wait until my son was big enough that I didn’t feel like I had to be with him as much. Right now, I take him with me every day. I see him during my breaks. I’m still practicing as much attachment parenting as possible,” she said. “I want to put my child first. But it is a goal for me, possibly next season or if we have a tenth season, or maybe both. We’ll see.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/godusesamac Nathan Pierce

    It’s quite a shame. I wish the best for her child. I’m not going to start an argument about eating meat. But the fact she’s not giving her child a choice and forcing, again don’t argue about this it’s just my opinion, the kid to eat a certain way and possibly screwing up his entire life is beyond words. I grew up with a friend who now has serious hormonal issues he needs treatment for simply because his parents raised him in a similar home. They were able to link it to all the soy products being used and the lack of nutrients during his development.

    If she stays popular, we’ll see how well he develops. I could be wrong :D